20 films that the audience put the highest score

Films, captured the hearts of ordinary viewers, sometimes much more valuable to us than those that entered the rankings, compiled by professional critics. We are happy to review them, even if they have become classics, and share new findings with others.

Website has collected only a few films that have received the highest scores from the audience. Everyone has a list, and we are waiting for your comments with your favorite movies.

Inception h3>

Cobb - a talented thief, stealing valuable secrets from deep within the subconscious during the dream state, when the mind is most vulnerable. Cobb's rare ability has made him a coveted player in the world of corporate espionage, but it has also cost him everything he has ever loved. "Home" - a completely new word and genre cinema. This is a film for all time.

The Thing h3>

The group of polar explorers had to face a real nightmare on the US polar station in Antarctica. The film is really very terrible, and it was created without the help of computer graphics. "Something" is deservedly be called a classic of the genre.

Whiplash h3>

Andrew dreams of becoming a great musician. He says the best conductor of the orchestra in the country. Desire Andrew quickly becomes an obsession, and ruthless mentor continues to push it further and further - a conclusion beyond human capabilities. Cinema-quality and interesting, be sure to view.

Silence of the Lambs
The Silence of the Lambs h3>

The film has long earned the love of the audience. Directing, acting, music - everything is great. Gripping story keeps in suspense until the last seconds and fully justifies the genre of psychological thriller.

The Matrix
The Matrix h3>

The film, made revolution in the cinema, still relevant today. It carries the idea of ​​a global and shows the main difference between humans from the robots, and vice versa. As if the situation was sad no matter how low or had chances for success and no matter how high the price and was responsible for the truth, if it is worthy of the fight, we will fight.

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
Il buono, il brutto, il cattivo h3>

In the midst of civil war, a mysterious shooter wanders across the expanses of the Wild West. He has no home, no friends, no companions, until he meets two strangers, such as the ruthless and cynical. The film looks at one go, this classic collection of film enthusiasts.

City of God
Cidade de Deus h3>

The film covers the events taking place for over 30 years in the so-called City of God - Brazilian slums of Rio de Janeiro. A real place, real fate, and in the roles - the people from the street, with these reactions and direct behavior, believe that from the beginning to the end.

12 Angry Men
12 Angry Men h3>

The film is included in all lists of the best possible pictures. The young man accused of murdering his own father, he faces the electric chair. 12 jurors are going to reach a verdict: guilty or not. This is a movie that has not lost its relevance after decades. Definitely - the highest score!

The servants
The Help h3>

Excellent film about the difficult life of black women in society, whites 60s. He is a strong, honest, no fake and not pretentious. The plot is a dynamic, not boring and rather sentimental. Although the timing is quite impressive, "Servants" looks easy and not at all annoying.

The Shawshank Redemption
The Shawshank Redemption h3>

Successful banker convicted of murdering his wife and her lover. Once in prison called Shawshank, he is confronted with violence and lawlessness. But Andy begins to develop incredibly daring plan his release. This is a gem of cinema, the film can revise endlessly.

Knockin 'on Heaven
Knockin 'on Heaven's Door h3>

Fate brings the heroes of the picture in the hospital, where doctors take out his death sentence. The account of their lives is the time on the clock. Incredible movie while watching that literally feels cold gusts of Atlantic wind, soft sand underfoot and the taste of sea salt on your lips.

Goodfellas h3>

The film tells the story of Henry Hill - begins gangster, looting, along with Jimmy Conway and Tommy De Vito, who easily kill anyone who stands in their way to the top of the Mafia. Classy, ​​realistic film about gangsters, with perfect actors, a great atmosphere, which keeps in suspense from the first minute.

The Prestige h3>

Robert Alfred - magicians who vie with each other. Over the years, their friendly competition evolves into a real war. They are ready to do anything to find out each other's secrets fantastic tricks and disrupt their performance. The atmosphere of old England, intriguing plot and magic, which is so lacking in our world.

Pulp Fiction
Pulp Fiction h3>

Two bandits, Vincent Vega and Jules Winfield, spend time in philosophical discussions in between showdowns with debtors his crime boss. It is really worthwhile, stylish belt of one of the most creative filmmakers of our time.

Saving Private Ryan
Saving Private Ryan h3>

Captain John Miller gets difficult task. Together with a group of 8 persons Miller should go behind enemy lines in search Private James Ryan. Of course, the tape is worthy of the highest praise for realism, deep meaning and an unmatched work of the entire film crew.

Snatch h3>

Guy Ritchie really master of his craft, his films know the first frame. In addition to the excellent directing in the film is simply amazing cast. "Snatch" - a masterpiece. Look at it, and you get a lot of pleasure.

The Usual Suspects
The Usual Suspects h3>

Five criminals faced in one unusual place and decided to scroll owners. But someone stronger and more powerful, someone whose name scares all the criminals of the world wants them to work for him. A first-class thriller with a great cast and great music.

Fight Club
Fight Club h3>

Tormented by chronic insomnia and are desperately trying to escape from the painfully boring life of a clerk meets Tyler Darden, a charismatic merchant soap with the perverted philosophy. The film - a worthy adaptation of the book by Chuck Palahniuk and has long since become a cult classic.

The Departed
The Departed h3>

Two of the best graduate of the police academy were on opposite sides of the barricades: one of them - the agent of the Mafia in the ranks of law enforcement, the other - "mole", embedded in the mafia. This is a film from which the blood runs faster heart beats more often. Experiencing what is happening on the screen with the main characters, only the credits you catch yourself thinking that it was just a movie.

Interstellar h3>

When drought leads humanity to the food crisis, the team of researchers and scientists goes on a journey to surpass previous limits for human space travel and resettle humanity to another planet. Truly epic film that has won a lot of fans.

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