12 simple design tools with which everyone will cope

Choose a color scheme to make a website to draw infographics or impose a magazine - all with a simple online tools can make it easy, even if you are not a designer.

Website for you to publish a selection of 12 services that can be used for work or creativity. They are also free, as we like.

Create a beautiful online magazine h3>

ReadyMag - a convenient platform from which you can work with content on the Web - to create presentations, longridy, magazines, websites and more. Online projects look like a real gloss - a beautiful layout can make your own, or to build on the template.

Examples of online journals: "Journal of 42 °. From the Volga to the Baltic Sea "," China: the art of tradition, embodied in life ».

Find cool pictures h3>

Pexels 2.0 - large collection of free stock photography, which is replenished daily.

Choose the perfect color scheme h3>

Coolors - minimalistic website, with which you can quickly generate beautiful color schemes.

Make quality video h3>

Videvo - a site with a large selection of free high-quality video that can be used for video editing.

Create a place h3>

Weld Websites - resource where you can create a free website with any design and for any device.

Draw elegant infographic h3>

Easel.ly - one of the best tools for creating infographics that are very easy to use.

Quickly master the basics of design h3>

The Tiny Designer - within each of us lives a small designer, the authors say the 5-week course email-which helps ordinary people to better understand what is design.

Find stylish picture or icon h3>

FreePik - resource with lots of free images, icons and other graphic materials that you can use in your projects.

impose a brochure h3>

Lucidpress - intuitive-to-use tool with which you can easily create various printed or digital visual content.

pile spectacular presentation h3>

Haiku Deck - a tool for creating beautiful presentations - is both a web version and a version for iPad.

Edit photos, make labels h3>

BigHugeLabs - a versatile image editor that lets you edit photos in an unusual way - in the form of puzzles, calendars, cubes, motivators - make captions and more.

Draw cartoon banner h3>

Animatron - you can create small animations, banners and animated infographics without writing any code (including for mobile browsers), and publish them online.

According to the materials: Te-st, Product Hunt

via www.producthunt.com/@gjestice/collections/design-tools-for-non-designers


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