15 short facts about the world that never ceases to surprise us

Our world loves us turn to the new party, so that the things that seem obvious, become completely drugimi.Vsyu life you think, for example, Norway - a country of ice Vikings, who does not tolerate frivolity. And suddenly you find out that peculiar sense of humor is thriving even in harsh fjords.

Site found 15 unexpected facts that change our perception of the world. At least in small ways.

1. The distance between the hands outstretched to the side - this is your growth.

2. Dark Chocolate is not harmful to teeth. Moreover, it slows down the development of caries.

3. Sharks become calmer music AC / DC.

4. Viagra prevents colors from fading.

5. The human eye can distinguish 500 different shades of gray.

6. Optimus Prime and Owl from "Winnie the Pooh" voiced by the same person.

7. The superintendent of the National Park in Virginia was struck by lightning seven times and survived.

8. ¬ęKinder Surprise" is prohibited in the United States.

9. In Norway, there is a town called Hell. Welkome to hell.

10. To make an engagement ring, it is necessary to process more than a ton of gold ore.

11. Rats laugh by tickling.

12. None of the group The Beatles did not know music.

13. Herofobiya - fear of joy.

14. Mayor of Sharon in the United States operates a cat Freddy.

15. At day 23 hours 56 minutes and 4 seconds. All my life I have lived a lie!

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