The charity Performed last wish of dying people

Most of us are able to spend time with family and friends, going to the beach, ride a horse, pick apples, visit museums, theaters, cinema - in short, to do whatever common people do every day around the world. But for some people it is all available. At least without the help of others.

In March this year, the Internet has become very popular photo 78-year-old woman suffering from Lou Gehrig's disease. But not the disease attracted the attention of people. In the photo the patient, whose name remains unknown, the museum Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam, enjoy the view of Rembrandt's paintings - that was her wish before his death.

Her last wish will be granted a local organization called Stichting Ambulance Wens Nederlands (Organization for the fulfillment of desires). 1,457,891

This charitable fund was established to fulfill the last wishes of terminally ill patients in 2007, veteran ambulance driver Kisom Veldboerom. It operates by means of volunteers and private ambulance.

Pussycat Veldboeru got the idea to create such an organization, when he helped a former sailor, whose only desire was again sail on the ship. So they did, and this was the beginning of a new job Kish - the desires.

The Fund provides terminally ill people with any assistance required for the implementation of their dreams - from the organization of the event to the transportation to the destination.

Since its foundation fund Keys and his team carried out almost 7,000 wishes. "I've learned that the people who will soon die, there is little desire" - he says .

"Our smallest patient, twins, was 10 months old. She was in a hospice for children and has never been at home - her parents at least once wanted to sit beside her. And our oldest patient was 101 years old, and she wanted one last time to ride a horse. We took her up on his horse, and then moved into the wagon - she sat and waved to everyone, like a queen. Great was the desire to ", - says Keys.

Keys believes that grants wishes not only to bring the happy moments in the lives of patients, but also prepare for a meeting with them last hour.

"Our mission - to improve the quality of life for patients in their last days. Fulfilling last wishes, we hope to make their world a little lighter, "- words from the organization's website.

And here's pictures, which show the good works of the charity fund:

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