This saved lives raccoon dogs and considers himself one of them

At the end of last year a little fluffy ball just fell on his head from a tree a girl named Rosie Camp from Nassau (Bahamas).

Then the baby raccoon was only a month, and she had a broken hind foot. Rosie, realizing that the mother does not return her, took her in, called Pumpkin (Pumpkin) and exit.

«look after it - is the same that have work around the clock" - says Rosie. h3>

Pumpkin now lives in their home along with two other dogs and seems very happy. h3>

«It is very attached to us. Wherever I went with my dogs, it always follows us ». H3>

«And she really started to consider himself a dog. Sometimes it is rough with them, educates, but also respects ». H3>

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