7 myths and facts about the mortal danger

Suppose you are in the extreme, deadly situation. What to do? Do not like a Hollywood movie! The site talks about the myths and facts of life vazhnosti.1. It is best not to leave items raneMnogie people believe that if they are pierced by some object and they thus remain in the mind, then you need to get this thing out of the wound.

First of all you need to call an ambulance, but the object itself is better not to touch. It could damage the vein or artery, but at the same time, remaining in the body, it acts as a kind of plug, which can be pulled out to get serious bleeding.

2. drink urine during a severe zhazhdyEtot method is effective only for a short time. The fact that a certain portion of the urine constituents of matter from which the body needs to get rid of. The longer you will remain without water, and drink their urine, the more of these substances will be displayed. Within a few days, such actions can lead to kidney failure.

3. to jump in the incident lifteEtot method does not save your life. You need to jump at some point, and this requires a remarkable response, and you need to jump at a rate greater than that at which the elevator falls. In general, this is just another myth.

4. Suck the poison from the wound zmeiImeya slightest wound in the mouth, the man who will suck the poison may also fall under the Agreement. Well, if you're going to do it myself, then for the same reason only accelerate its demise. Wiring or ice in this case also aides.

5. peskiUtonut Sinking in quicksand impossible. People are dying, but not because the sand addictive. In most cases, you can not dive deeper than the chest, even if you will flounder. The cause of death in quicksand becomes banal dehydration, if a person is stuck and can not get it in time.

6. Drinking of kaktusaEsli you're stuck in the desert, drinking juice from the cactus can not even in the most difficult situations. Their pulp contains many substances that cause you have diarrhea and vomiting, which lead to further dehydration.

7. Pretend dead in attack medvedyaZdes everything depends on the bear, but still can not be 100% sure. Grizzlies often shows aggression when protected, and if you show him that you are not dangerous (play dead), he may retreat. But it works not always.

But black bears often attack as predators, is such a method does not take place. Can not exactly run away, still catch up. If you have some food, then let it slowly waste. If this method does not work, you need to issue loud sounds, try to show a large bear (raise your hands, for example).

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