17 rules of life and success of Pavel Durov

Pavel Durov, founder of the social network VKontakte and messenger Telegram, gave some great tips to achieve success in life and work. The site supports the view of Paul at each point. < 1. Do what you like. Learn. Learn. Grow. Change ourselves from within. Do what a real pleasure, and then you'll be much happier.

2. Forget about the garbage, which you eat, you drink and smoke every day.

3. Learn a foreign language. In RuNet "lives" 69 million people. The World Wide Web - 1,000,000 000. know English - not a fad, "botany", but a vital necessity.

4. Read the book. at least one a week (this can be the audiobook). 50 books a year Your life upside down.

5. Spend sensibly every weekend.

6. Set goals, fixes their paper, in Word or blog. Precise, clear and measurable. This goal can be achieved or not achieved. No goal can not achieve.

7. Learn to "blind" set on the keyboard. Saver important treasure person - time. Think not about where the letter and that you want to write.

8. Manage your time and your business. Start with Allen (Getting Things Done) and Gleb Archangel (time management). To take decisions quickly, act immediately, do not procrastinate. All cases either do or delegate to someone.

9. Give up computer games, aimless sitting in social networks and blunt surfing the Internet. Minimize communication in social networks, leave one account. Destroy the apartment Television.

10. Stop reading the news. All the same, the key events will be talking everything.

11. Learn to get up early. In the morning you always have time more than in the evening. Man enough 7 hours of sleep, provided qualitative exercise and proper nutrition.

12. Try to surround themselves with decent, honest, open, intelligent and successful people.

13. Work out. Rock climbing, bike, horizontal bar, parallel bars, soccer, running, plyometrics, swimming, functional training - the best friend of a man who wants to return to the tone of the body and get a surge of endorphins. And yes - there is no elevator.

14. Do extraordinary things. Go to where never was, trips to work the other way, figure it out for themselves in the new reality, rearrange the furniture at home, change the appearance, hairstyle, image. Get out of the "comfort zone", enhance their knowledge and outlook.

15. Junk - in the trash.

16. Forget about the past. Take out only the experience, knowledge, good relations and a positive experience.

17. Do not be afraid. is not an insurmountable obstacle, and all doubts live only in your head. It is not necessary to be a warrior, you just see the goal, avoiding obstacles and know that you will achieve it without a chance to experience failure.

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