Salary 5, 7 million rubles a month!

Pavel Durov can sue for wages is too great.

The internal audit revealed that the founder of "VKontakte" Durov "spent on air travel € 2 million and appointed himself a salary of 5, 7 million rubles a month," according to "Izvestia».

According to "Izvestia", the first salary Pavel Durov in "VKontakte" from January 22 to July 2, 2007 was 26, 4 thousand rubles per month, after which it was raised to 115 thousand. In 2008 it increased to 345 thousand rubles a month, and in January 2010 - 552 thousand. In May 2010, the salary Durov doubled and amounted to 1, 1 million rubles a month, and in 2011 - 2, 3 million. In 2012 it rose to 3, 5 million rubles, a year ago, in March 2013th, its level 5 reached 76 million rubles per month.

A source.

Check initiated owns 48% stake in the fund, and UCP are already known her first results:
According to the auditors, the founder and CEO of the social network Pavel Durov without the consent of shareholders to increase his salary several times, in addition, he spent a significant part of the profit obtained by it in 2012 and 2013, for its own needs.

Total unfounded, according to the inspectors, the costs amounted to about 273 million rubles. Experts believe that if they revealed the abuse of power by the director general of social networks, there are grounds for a criminal case against him. However, they do not exclude that the test - part of the war for the company shareholders.

During the same period there was a fall in net profit, which in the financial report Group explained, "the cost of investment in the team and infrastructure».

Meanwhile, according to the auditors, such "cost of team" were unfounded, since they did not have the consent of holders of the parent structure - offshore "VK.KOM Holdings Limited". According to the charter of "contact", it is necessary - at a wage increase to the Director, as well as any transactions of more than $ 100 thousand.

As a result of the audit revealed that only unreasonable payroll top manager shareholders lost about 130 million rubles.

"According to an internal review Durov spent millions on charter flights. The geography is very wide movements, Oslo, London, Venice, New York. Only one flight from San Francisco to Munich cost of 2, 04 million rubles, and the second half of 2012 on a variety of charters has been spent around 13 million rubles. Besides charters were, of course, the cost of hotels and entertainment: for the year 2012, these costs amounted to approximately € 2 million. Confirm the need for these expenditures need production and development of social networking auditors failed "- write" Izvestia ».

According to the auditors, but the Durov two years spent about 273 million rubles - the auditors believe these costs are unreasonable.

Press secretary of "VKontakte" George Lobushkin commented on the information CPU:
The publication "News" again acts as a source of misinformation. No intermediate "test results" referenced "Izvestia", does not exist. "Credible details" cited publication is simply not true.



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