Nothing is perfect: beautiful photographic project without retouching by yoga instructor.

Yoga Teacher Liz Arch make an interesting photo shoot. In it she wanted to show the real itself without retouching and in different ways. In social networks, people praised her figure. But in fact, in life, Liz is not like in the pictures on the Internet. The woman decided to show their real image to its subscribers to stop comparing yourself to other people and loved her body, despite the shortcomings. We - the wonderful creations of nature.

All photographers say that even models with gloss dream look like their photos.

Liz notes that her previous pictures it was not him. It has weight, cellulite and stretch marks, like so many other women. Sometimes she is lazy, lying on the couch and eating delicious sweets in the evening. Such social networking will not show.

The life of other people seems to be more interesting and ideal. People wrote Liz, they adore her "perfect" body. But looking at those pictures, the woman felt remorse.

So she decided to take a photo project without retouching, with life-angles and without different things that are done before shooting. The photo yoga teacher turned real. In normal healthy women can be cellulite and stomach have also not perfectly flat.

«I do not want to criticize the work of Mother Nature. Her creations - works of art » em>.

«When you look back at my reflection, to admire him. Accept their shortcomings. Only with them you will gain yourself and feel its beauty. Do not focus on appearance. Let the inner light shine from the inside » em>.

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