20 of curious and little-known historical facts

Of all the types of facts historical curiosities Editorial loves most! Always curious historical details, which are not told in school ... 1. At the time of greatest prosperity of the Roman Empire extended its dominion over a vast area - the total area was about 2, 51 million square kilometers. However, the list of the largest empires in the history of the Roman ranks only nineteenth place.

2. Attempts to calculate the duration of the peaceful development of mankind has led to a sad result: of the last three thousand years, only two hundred and forty were not marred by any war.

3. sketch of contemporary stars and stripes flag of the United States has developed an American high school student Robert Heft - within the school setting, for which, incidentally, he was a very modest estimate of B- (it's like we have four and a minus). When the drawing was chosen as the symbol of the nation, patriotic teacher changed to a higher estimate of A

4. Of the ten most bloody wars in the history of the eight have occurred in China.

5. Each of the two largest Chinese war has claimed more lives than World War.

6. The Constitution of the United States is full of spelling and grammatical errors.

7. At the moment of greatest prosperity, in 480 BC. e., under the authority of the first Persian Empire was 44 percent of the world's population.

8. This is the largest figure among all the empires that have existed in history. For comparison, the British Empire took control of only 20 percent of the world.

9. The Mexican General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna arranged a grand funeral ceremony on the occasion of his own leg amputation.

10. Prior to the beginning of the nineteenth century for the manufacture of dentures used the teeth of soldiers killed in battle.

11. during the Ice Age inhabitants of the British Isles have used human skulls as cups for drinking.

12. In ancient Egypt servants especially smear honey to distract the attention of those flies and other insects from the sacred person of the pharaoh.

13. During the rebellion of An Shi, (it is also a revolt An Lyusha) in China in the mid-eighth century, killing about forty million people. At that time it was one-sixth of the world population.

14. Peter the Great beheaded his wife's lover and then forced her to keep the embalmed head in his chambers.

15. At the beginning of the nineteenth century, people often buried alive so that some even coffins equipped with a special mechanism that allows "revived the dead" ring the bell at the cemetery.

16. The Mongol warriors fat drips out of the bodies of slain enemies, set fire to it and used as a weapon.

17. The last case of the use of cavalry in battles has been fixed during the Second World War, when the Mongolian Cavalry Division went into action with a German infantry division. As a result, killed two thousand Mongol horsemen, is not no one was killed by a German soldier.

18. Greek educator Gorgias of Epirus was born in the coffin of his dead mother. People who carried the coffin during the funeral heard the baby crying and removed it to the light.

19. Alexander the Great became famous for the invention of spy techniques used to date. He forced his soldiers to write letters to the families and to open them one and all. Those of the soldiers who could not find words for the delight of the upcoming victory and did not show high morale, was executed on the orders of the Emperor.

20. Goutszyan, who ruled the kingdom of Yue in ancient China, famous for having staged a number of criminals sentenced to death in front of his troops. Before starting his own battle they cut off their heads, leading the enemy into a state of panic.

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