Greetings from the 90's! 28 favorite TV series and TV shows that we will never forget.

Generation 90 - It's not today's children, who have exchanged their home mom on a cool smartphone. Yes, we, too, spent days on end at the TV screen, but we hardly looked like a zombie. In general, once the grass was greener ... And to be honest, we were lucky enough to live in a time when the twisted best on TV transmission and series, which we watched avidly.

Modern teenagers, unfortunately, do not understand the sparkling humor of good old Alfa, and the name of Gordon Shumway is hardly what he is saying.

This is the 28 most popular series and programs that are chained us to the TV. All I am going to review!

His laughter will forever remain in my heart! My favorite "Alf». B>

«Mr Bean»

Every Friday I was waiting for "Field of Dreams» ...

Generation Army hardening, of course, remember the show "Cops." When we were with the boys in the yard was partitioned between a role I was Larin, and you? B>


I was 9, but I knew all the gossip of "Melrose Place».


«Confidential materials»

I always take a camera with you ... And now all together! "Itself the director». B>

Just telehit - "Simply Maria»


You're running around the yard, guessing riddles? Game show "Fort Boyard». B>

«Love at first sight»

«La Femme Nikita»

The battle cry of Xena could awaken even the dead ... "Xena - Warrior Princess».

I also beat dad on the head with a pillow and screamed: «You - not my mother!» i> series "Dinosaurs».


«The Addams Family»

The series "Inspector Rex»


And you, too, along with all the kids in the backyard playing "Name That Tune»?

Heat 80-90 number 2 - "Slave Izaura».

Well, of course not, "Beverly»?

You also sang in the comb and wanted to get on the "Morning Star»?

Do not tell me you do not remember "While all the houses," and especially the heading "crazy hands»!

«Neverending Story»

1-2 - Freddy takes you away.
3-4 - lock the door to the apartment.
5-6 - Freddy wants to eat you all.
7-8 - someone will come to you without asking.
9-10 - never sleep, children. B>

When I saw this screen saver, my grandmother is pumped eggs.

«Are you afraid of the dark?»

Yes, there is something to remember! Gold was the time ... I have found that going to look tonight. Do not be greedy, beef - share this list with friends.



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