BEERka - for good! She's the only one! Natyurlih!

BEERka again launched an advertising campaign in the Russian television. Recall that the launch took place in April, and in the second half of July rollers reappear on federal television channels.
When a person thinks about beer, it must immediately recall the "Birka". And vice versa. That is the main idea of ​​a new advertising campaign, developed by advertising agency "Kryn" brand BEERka.

As described in the company's website, the expression of this idea is the use of phrases or similar to well-known slogans of beer advertising. The main heroes were either similar or fictional characters, and genre testimoniala was chosen so as not to distract the audience from the main - phrases that are spoken.

"In the production process we have heard polar opinions about this idea, - said Alexander Shevelevich, creative director of the agency" Kryn. " - The absolute rejection and even ridicule to unrestrained delight. Even at the level of director choice we were faced with refusals from the very venerable people and a desire to remove it from the more venerable. Plus style testimoniala really a bit "dried up" rollers, leaving only the sentence. Well, we got a controversial product, the more interesting is to know the opinion of the public, relating to the advertising and not only ».

Media placement of the advertising campaign of the Agency's MediaVest Moscow.

Creative Group:

Siberian Beach:
The head of the advertising department - Dmitry Mishin
Head of Marketing - Vladas Vintsyunas
Executive Director of the commercial unit - Irina Arabyan

Creative director - Alexander Shevelevich
Copywriter - Ivan Kruk
Art Director - Julia Golovina
Producer - Vladimir Nefedov
Director - Valery Klimchenko

2332 Production:
Director - Sergey Osipyan
Cinematography - Stas Mikhailov
Artist - Alexey Velichko
Producer - Tanya Sokolov



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