Directed by Andy Fogvill - one of the best specialists in the world in a funny advertising

Andy Fogvill, according to the magazine Boards, one of the best specialists in the funny commercials. His talent is marked and the Cannes Lions, and Gunn's Report.a3e528fcf7.jpg

Fogvill was born and raised in Argentina, in a family with the British and Belgian roots. Hence it does not Hispanic name. Fascinated by the art of man graduated from the University of Buenos Aires in "Movies and communication." And after that I went to fill videos reality treniruyuyas musical clips Argentine rockers. When their number has reached 50, the young man admitted to large pictures on television. And in the early 90's the young director had cut off the Latin-American counterpart Emmy for best comedy.

Today, most rollers brands such as VW, Visa, Coke and, of course, Got Milk? is not without its participation.

"It seems to me that the humor in advertising is working best. He is an honest story conveys. 30 or 60 seconds - something that is necessary for videoanekdota. In addition, you can immediately tell whether or not the spot works: people laugh - all ok. For emotional dramas need more time, you need to think things through. Required information that was before that will happen. With humor everything is easier - he is "instantaneous." :)

Knorr - RedialRenault - Autocine d2f458c14e.jpg

Banco Hipotecario «It was the first work of Mother representative in Buenos Aires. They laid a heavy responsibility on me :) »


Energizer - Beard 3735fcc7b3.jpg

Icenbeck - Ballet 964aacc981.jpg


Volkswagen - Time 76b544bc7c.jpg

Coca-Cola - The Last Coca 0be32f755a.jpg

VH1 - Ripe 11,330,445


Gancia - Magnetism 1c3e1a3c0f.jpg

Visa - Logos

Visa - Savage 7a80d07f45.jpg

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