Owner 5 gold "Cannes Lions" realized that they do not cost anything

Golden statues of lions, which are awarded in the International Advertising Festival "Cannes Lions", made not of gold. A little movie on the subject removed and placed on YouTube Dutch advertising agency Boondoggle, won in 2009, five of these awards, according to the British portal The Campaign. Boondoggle The video shows how numerous experts in precious metals checked figurines produced by advertising agency and come to the conclusion that there is gold in them, and they "do not cost anything, well, except that five euros - for the job." Most likely, in the words of one expert, the lions are made of brass.

Movie subtitles Dutch company concludes with the phrase «Boondoggle. Very proud owners of five yellow copper lions. " According to information posted on the festival website, Boondoggle got two gold statuette in the category Cyber ​​Lions, two - in the category Direct Lions, and one - Media Lions.

Festival "Cannes Lions", which takes place since 1954, is the largest and among the most prestigious in the world. In 2009 he went from 21 to 27 June, it was attended by 22, 6 thousand projects from 86 countries.

It is worth noting that one of the most famous awards in the world of cinema - the "Oscar" - also not made of gold. It is made of an alloy of tin, copper and antimony (known as the British metal) and coated with gold.

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