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International Advertising Festival Cannes Lions appeared in 1954, when at the Cannes Film Festival introduced a new nomination "promotional film." What happened to festival then, we all know. This Oscar of the advertising industry, is the pinnacle to which most aspire to creatives. "Cannes Lions" is already 56. He did not see the emergence of the industry, but was a witness and an engine of development. From a three-minute stop-Motion cartoon toothpaste Chlorodont to the gorilla playing the drums.

We have talked about all the Grand Prix Press & Outdoor category for the last 15-20 years of the history of the festival. The rollers, which are collected in this material - it's winners of the Film category from 1954 to 2010. We have an opportunity to see what it was advertising the 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s, then what ideas were what won work on major advertising forum. They produce mixed feelings. On the one hand the imperfection of technology, total naiveté and perfect our modern view of what is happening in the trash advertising. But on the other hand, looking at the three-minute spots, sometimes very clearly realize how old advertising and how you are young and inexperienced.

For 56 years at the Cannes Film Festival, the jury in the category Film awarded 68 Grand Prix. Awards more than a year, because the 1959 and 1979 winner in the category Film almost always had two: one was determined from the rollers, televised, and another - in cinemas. That is, it turns out that the event of 2008, when the Grand Prix went to both the campaign for Halo 3 and gorillas Cadbury, is not something out of the ordinary. The Organizing Committee Cannes Lions just returned to the long-known objective method.

For your convenience, we divided all Grand Prix in the Film category for 5 decades. Each decade is represented in a separate review.

Chlorodont: Il Circo

US not always dominated in the field of advertising films. The first Grand Prix in 1954, went to the Italian three-minute video of toothpaste, brush where, pastes and powders staged circus. Then there was France, Britain, Italy again, once again France. Only in 1959, the agency Foote, Cone & Belding (today FCB) has received the first major award at the Cannes Lions USA. And before the end of the first decade of the festival received more US agencies 5 Grand Prix, eventually surpassing France and Italy, and the UK. Incidentally, Denmark is also included in the list of countries, awarded the Grand Prix in 1960 with commercials Philips. However, it remained the only reward of Denmark for 36 years.

Russia first participated in the Cannes International Advertising Festival in 1989 and immediately received a "Bronze Lion" in the "commercial advertising" for the commercials "ZAZ - 1102". Silver Cannes Lion in 1996, the maximum achievement in the category of Russian film in history, received a video for Ricky Bank created the agency RAVI headed by creative director Vladimir Perepelkin. The second video campaign "Love" received a bronze medal. Gold in the category of advertising banks in the same year at Cannes was not given to anyone.

Vins du Postillon: Saloon Bar

Distillerie Brandy Stock: In Tutto II Mondo

Chevrolet: Station Wagon

Philips: Light

Chevrolet: Magic Ride

Schweppes: Gardening Advice

United Brewers: Who Says Beer Is A Man's Beverage?

Volumi a Fascicoli Settimanali: La Bibbia

Lustucru: La Preuve Par l'Oeuf

Continued roller-winners in the second part of the review.

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