Interesting facts about Michael Schumacher

In the hospital, where Michael Schumacher, severely limited access to the press. At the moment, the state of health of Michael knows only by doctors and family. The hospital decided to change the regime - will no longer be held daily press conferences and media access to the clinic is severely restricted.

Recall Michael Schumacher received a serious head injury while skiing in France. Athlete saved his helmet after the impact split in half. At the moment, the driver is in hospital in Grenoble, where he has made 2 operations.

In the meantime, decided the fate of the great riders, we present you a selection of interesting facts from the life of Michael.

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1. In 2008, the Swiss Football Association has chosen Schumacher Ambassador of Switzerland to the European Football Championship 2008. The list after the Euro 2008 also included a footballer Stéphane Chapuisat, Roger Federer, skier Bernhard Russi, former owner of the team, "Formula 1" Peter and twentyfold world champion in orienteering Niggli-Luder Simon.

2. On 21 June 2009 Schumacher appeared in the program Top Gear as The Stig. Host Jeremy Clarkson later hinted that Schumacher is not constant Stig. Later, the BBC has confirmed this fact: Schumacher was Stig, as Ferrari has not allowed any of Top Gear at the wheel of Ferrari Fxx, which was shown in the program.

3. November 14, 2010 at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix Schumacher crashed on the first lap. The heavy traffic of cars spun his car and after a few seconds he ran Liuzzi, the car flew very close to the German's head. Fortunately, the direct impact has not happened and the driver was not injured.

4. In the Ukraine, Belarus and Russia has become synonymous with the name of Schumacher - Schumacher called virtuous or risky drivers who love to drive fast, or sarcastically drivers consider themselves virtuoso drivers, but they are not.

5. Jean Todt and Michael Schumacher starred in "Osteriks and Obelix at the Olympic Games." Michael played the pursuer chariots. Naturally champion and red.

6. After the final stage of "Formula 1" in the season 2003 - "Grand Prix of Japan" - Michael Schumacher celebrated his record sixth league title, defeating the VIP area of ​​the track "Suzuka".

According to witnesses, after having been awarded trophies to the winner and prize "Grand Prix of Japan," and after all the press conferences and interviews, six-time world champion Michael Schumacher, his brother Ralf Schumacher and the pilot Olivier Panis have decided to relax a bit. < br />
Before the accident who came in the VIP area of ​​mechanics and journalists appeared the following picture: among the fragments of empty bottles, puddles of spilled champagne, Michael Schumacher with a cigar in his mouth stubbornly pushing the refrigerator until it fell on its side. Meanwhile, his younger brother Ralf made every effort to throw the TV out the window. The adjacent window is banged chair Olivier Panis.

7. Generally Schumacher smokes cigars not only at parties in his honor. He's a big fan of rest certainly attribute this success.

8. Helmut Karel, a sports journalist, recalling his first meeting with Michael, argues that just as easily, without stress, Schumi relates to race, you can not say that this pilot is capable of winning races. Helmut went to cover the Macau Grand Prix in 1990 (f-3 championship WTS).

And then, for the first time faced with Michael around the paddock. He played football in racing overalls. With him playing boys 14-15 years old, and Michael does not stand out: with the same enthusiasm as others kicked the ball. Karel learned that the boy called Michael Schumacher as the German newspapers wrote - a future star of motor racing.

9. "How can it safely play football when such an important start tomorrow?" - Thought Karel.

"And that's the main hope of the German motor racing? All pilots are preparing for the race, analyze their behavior on the road, studying rivals, and he plays football ... "

Karel changed his mind when he saw the pilot of the next day on the highway - such a mature and confident pilotage he could not expect from youth. All the fun dissolved, Michael was collected and confident as ever passed povoroty.Shumaher won the prestigious race, ahead of serious contenders (one of them was Mika Hakkinen) and genuinely happy after his victory, as a child, was also happy as it was a day ago on the football field.

Michael plays football for a team of pilots of F-1.

10. With the first season of his stay in the "Formula 1" Schumacher showed everyone that exercise before and after the Grand Prix, you can at your leisure.

German big fan of tennis, go for a run in the morning, in the company of someone, or ride a bike. Young Schumacher plays tennis (in the company of Flavio Briatore (the then owner of Benetton and later manager of the stables Renault factory team)

11. European Grand Prix in 1994 was remarkable in that there were people on the podium, which at that time was not a single title. In the future, the three of them have won 10 titles. D.Hill - (1996) M.Shumaher - (1994-1995, 2000-2004), M.Hakkinen - (1998-1999).)
Schumacher12 Interesting facts about Michael Schumacher

12. The United States Grand Prix in 2002 on the track Indionapolis. Michael Schumacher, the race prolidirovav kindly waited at the finish of the last lap of his team-mate Rubens Barrichello.

As a result, Rubens was ahead of German at 0, 011 seconds. This season went down in history of the Royal race. On the track, Michael broke the various records. The most impressive record - Michael podiums. He was on the podium in all 17 races of the season.

13. After returning in 2010, Schumacher has only once managed to get up on the podium. In Valencia in 2012, starting with 12 places, Michael was able to finish in third place.

But most importantly his achievement on the track, Schumacher showed in qualifying for the Monaco Grand Prix 2012. Ahead of all its competitors, Michael showed the best time, but was fine in the 5 positions at the start due to a collision at the previous Grand Prix.

14. The first car of Michael Schumacher was the FIAT 500, although he has raced in karting.

15. One of the most favorite hobby is skydiving Michael.

16. The most famous pilot champion of Formula 1 - Michael Schumacher. As of July 2013, he participated in 308 Grand Prix (greater number of Grand Prix Rubens Barrichello only) and ranks first in the world for most wins (91).



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