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The most interesting examples of folk art in the past mesyats.Obychnye ads are written by hand or printed out ordinary people, can become a source of inspiration and good mood.

We live in a country where not to go to the roof and keep an ironic view of things, sometimes you have to create a funny reality of their own. Declarations and statements wall that we collect on the site every month, most often written by ordinary people for the most usual situations.

The brilliant slogan.

Brilliant interpretation of a zebra.

This is a riot!

Thanks, stone, you also did.

Great place, we would porydat.

I would like to believe.

It is very sad movie.

The whole point of investing.

"People - the bricks, we are part of a large house, but our future is molded from concrete┬╗.

And this is - is another matter!

Shovels warm.

He was tired of explaining.

In this line a lot of sense.

Talk about faith.

In graffiti boiling.

And this man - well done.

Intelligent conversation.


Well, something like that, yes.


Deep existentialism.

Reading - that's the real threat.


As soon as they try to sell.

And figuratively, and clearly.

As a support moral support.

In Samara, very fond of beer.

Lucidly for the illiterate.

Who in Russia is not on the nerves?

It may be restrained.

It would be cool.

Life makes its own adjustments.

We like. And books give?

Yes, somehow it is not very desirable.

Better late than never.

On a nearby tree.

Russian people will always find a way.

Because for them

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Shining Path. End

Around vandals some



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