All I mended!

There I fixed it - is a fun project, a collection of human ingenuity, stupidity and chudachestva.Chasto happens that an urgent need to fix something, and suitable materials or tools at hand is. And we have to refer to the means available. Then it comes to the aid and human ingenuity and imagination knows no boundaries.

Collecting pictures of tents most people's inventions and skills on "skillful hands" and is engaged in the blog «There I fixed it». The site presents a selection of the best photos of the project "Still, I repaired!»


Waste bins

In order not to fall and not get lost

If the hand was not an electric toothbrush

When the rain and the door is not closed.

In the absence of a mirror

Water heater


If the crane broke

How to push the refrigerator into the trunk

Hot tub

Excellent replacement for pipe

Stand for tablet


Super cars

If only rolled

If the hot and cold water - they are two different crane

What else?

Stool with back

Winter version

How to carry the ladder cycling


Cue with a telescopic sight


Blocked phone


Wow invented

All fit

In the absence of the soul


A mug of beer

Heated pancakes

Now open

Dog house from the washing machine

Suspended TV

Prepare like a man!


Was hanger became the toilet paper holder.

Balcony currently built


Combining business with pleasure

To avoid confusion wire



To store the remote

That certainly

Holder for brush

New ideas for familiar things

Layfhaking - the unexpected use of ordinary things

20 of the best ideas of "Do It Yourself»



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