Seven Tips by Pablo Picasso

The great artist about how to make life more fun. We all know the name of the famous painter Pablo Picasso, one of the most svoebrazny geniuses of the XX century. He went through all the tests - wealth and poverty, war and peace, women's attention and worldwide fame. In 2009, the magazine The Times named it among the best artist who lived in the last 100 years. The story of its success is probably impossible to repeat, but Picasso has a lot to learn.

In this post, read 7 tips from the master about how to live and work without ceasing.


1. To do so, please believe

«Can someone who thinks he can. And not one who believes that he can not. It is indisputable, undeniable law ». Em>

blockquote> Beliefs control result of the actions. If you think that you do not succeed, there is a large proportion of the probability that you will start to get nervous or even unconsciously make mistakes. On the other hand, if you think that they can do anything, your brain will start to work in the other direction and look for solutions instead of whining and complaining about life. As a result, solutions and opportunities will vylazit from all sides, like mushrooms after rain.

2. push the boundaries of their knowledge and skills

«I always do what I do not know how to learn it». Em>

blockquote> To develop the necessary push himself forward. This can be scary. The best advice I can give on this issue: the presence in the present as much as possible when you do what you do not know how long. This can significantly reduce the possible negative experiences. And when your mind and body do not have these feelings, it becomes easier to concentrate, to achieve good results and eventually learn what you want.

3. Do not wait for inspiration, start

«Inspiration exists, but it comes with the work». Em>

blockquote> Yes, the inspiration is there, but it has to find you working. Do not waste a lot of time waiting for the "right" moment. If you descend inspiration - well, create! But are not limited time of action of this magic ingredient. Sometimes you have to force yourself to do the work does not imply any particular skills, and foolish to expect this for such support. Inspiration - it's like a spice, it should be quite small, but it can change everything.

4. Proceed as more and more

«put off until tomorrow is that you do not want to complete before his death. Action - the main key to success ». Em>

blockquote> No action any information useless. This is the part of personal development, which is often overlooked or ignored. Sometimes it may seem that it is difficult to act, or what is now "wrong" moment. But the habit can do more to change a lot. This is the most effective means to achieve results. During the action, you better know yourself, form your vision and you will know the features of the industry practice.

5. Ask the right questions

«Others saw what it was, and asked why. I saw what could be and asked why not ». Em>

blockquote> It is easy to ask themselves the wrong questions. Questions whose answers only to confirm that you - incompetent, stupid and wrong. Questions that you overflow rather than raise. Ask positive questions that open - not closed - door of opportunity. In almost any situation you may be asking yourself: what good is there in this experiment? This is a quick way to change with the help of gratitude the mood and thoughts.

6. Do not judge, and you will see the hidden beauty

«If only you could get rid of the brain and use only the eyes». Em>

blockquote> Live in the moment - and you'll be less analyze, judge and brain trouble putting labels left and right. At the present moment the familiar world becomes stranger. You see more liveliness and color in the trees, nature, people. What often seems self-evident and everyday, it becomes a delicious and valuable. As if you look at the world with greater clarity.

7. It is not too late to enjoy life

«There is no age of youth». Em>

blockquote> Do not let public opinion dictate to you what you can and what not, just because of your age. In most cases, age - it is just a notation in your brain. If you look at your life linearly, as the length of time it is really late to change anything. If you learn to be more present in the "now", most of these thoughts simply disappears. You understand that the ability to consciously choose and do what you want. Now.

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