Andrew Lloyd Weber

Famed composer Andrew Lloyd Webber put up for auction belonging to him painting by Pablo Picasso. "Portrait of Angel Fernandez de Soto (Absinth Drinker)", written in 1903 and belongs to the most famous period in the artist's work, called "blue". The young Spanish artist depicted in the painting at a table with a glass of absinthe and a pipe in his hand. Picasso said that this portrait - autobiographical work. Estimated cost of works is 40 million pounds. It is possible that the final price will be much higher in the past year snapped up Picasso, his works raised $ 121 million. In total, making it the first French artist in the world in terms of sales. Head of Impressionist and modern art Christie's London Giovanna Bertazzoni believes that the work "blue period" would be very attractive trophy for a new generation of collectors from China. All proceeds will be used to fund charitable projects Weber. Composer bought fabric for $ 29, 2 million. In 1995 for his foundation funded by donations. In 2006 the painting was almost sold, but at the last moment was withdrawn from the auction because of the problems with the previous owner. A resident of Germany, claimed his family during the Nazi rule was forced to sell works of art. The conflict was resolved in December 2009.


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