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December 2, 1977 in Poltava, was born Alexander Putrya - one of the most unusual artists in the history of fine art.

Sasha lived in the world of 11 years, but during that time she managed to create 2279 jobs: 46 albums with drawings, a great variety of crafts and even technical drawings that were, in her opinion, help adults reach the moon and make the asphalt surface of roads without cracks . Drawing for Sasha was as natural as sleep and food, it is often replaced her friends and children's games.

For three years Sasha confidently holding a pencil and brush. She drew incessantly and often fell asleep, all covered in paint. Her father made from a small art studio bedroom and tried to teach the girl on the academic program, but ran into a delicate rebuff. As an artist, Alexander formed their own, guided by their own experiences and imagination.

When she was five years old, she was diagnosed - leukemia. Trying to ignore the pain, Sasha began to devote much more time to his hobby. At this time, replace the fun The young and fabulous characters came images of Hindu philosophy and amaze self-portraits - in the form of a multi-armed god Shiva, if not in the form of adult Indian women, in whose eyes reflected a deep sadness for our Earth.

Sasha fought for his life for six years, and then asked the parents to let her go. Shortly before his departure, she asked the Pope a hand in a white sheet and looked around her. Then he puts on top of his hand, and has done it with the same thing. Finished drawing was found after 24 January 1989 when the girl was gone. On it was a picture of the star Sirius, which Sasha wanted to fly.

"Sirius" (1989)

Since 1989, there were more than a hundred solo exhibitions Sasha Putri in many countries of the world, the girl was shot several documentaries and written a documentary story. On the wall of a kindergarten where she was raised, a memorial plaque and a museum. In Poltava, a children's art gallery named Sasha, which under the auspices of protection and support for gifted children held international competitions of children's drawings.

"BIMCO envelope" (1985)

"Mom and Dad as hamsters" (1986)

"Ryzhkov apartment dogs" (1986)

"Eugene and Victoria" (1987)

"The Indian" (1988)

"Gypsy Zemfira" (1985)

"David Guramishvili" (1988)

"Dear Lerusinka" (1988)

"The Virgin Mary" (1988)

"The last self-portrait" (1989)

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