30 smart ideas for remaking the house

After the post you want to start a terribly remont.Kak make your house even cozier Website wrote more than once. In this collection, we have collected the most fundamental decisions for the realization of which will need to move the wall, pull the tube to change the windows and customize furniture.

And let someone else no dream home and is nowhere to turn with all its projects. This does not prevent to know exactly what it will be. Website is hoping that the 30 craziest and coolest ideas for home arrangement that we have collected, will be useful.

For large kompaniy

Artificial recess will make the room more comfortable and Spiritual gatherings.

Hammock under potolkom

If ceiling height allows.

Bed full komnatu

For fans and pajama parties just lie.

Mural in interere

Already breathtaking as realistic.

Bench in the bathroom komnate

The bathroom had a steam shower or you can decorate undulating bench-stove bench.

Very convenient podokonnik

Maximum use prostranstva

Even in a small kitchen, everything fits.

Correct komod

Once everything is clear.

When in the house a lot naroda

Children will be delighted.

Library under the stairs

Podium in interere

It saves space. Great place for storage.

Shower the corner

And the glass doors do not have to wash.

Little House on the dereve

The idea to give

Mini holodilnik

For beer, for example.


For privacy

And your pets have this pravo

Folding box

Window accordion destroy the boundary between the house and the street in the warm days.

Two little better than one large dishwasher

As long as you load one car, is already the second wash.

Dual rakovina

Very practical

Blind komnata

Sometimes, in order to have in your home there was a secret room, simply turn the interior doors in a rack.

Retractable shkaf

Instead built shelves and drawers in the kitchen can make a sliding cabinet on wheels. If necessary, it will give an extra work surface.

Bilateral kamin

Beautify and warm and the bathroom and bedroom.

And one hot tub at kamina

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