Calendar of all life on one page

This is - a person's life for a period of 90 years.

One cell - one week. That's what we allotted time. And, perhaps, you have lived or ¹/₃ ¹/₂ this calendar. Impressive?

But more proymet you when you print and paint have lived time. Then hang a calendar in the kitchen or put on your desktop, start to paint every last week. For clarity, you can mark particularly important events or periods of his life.

These cells quickly come to an end, so it is important to live a meaningful remaining - now you can feel my own eyes to see how fleeting life of man.

One look is enough to look at life from the outside. It may be noted in the Calendar Anniversaries or just leave the list intact, and he still will remind you about the most important - so try not to spend a life wasted.

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