20 secrets of famous books

Their secrets have even known works literatury.My in the Website believe that almost every book has a good mystery, "double bottom" or secret story that I want to reveal. Today, we will share a few of them.

The first translation of "Hamlet" into Russian writer Aleksandr Sumarokov executed and titled it «Omelette, Prince of Denmark» If you think that reading a detective - a futile exercise, the history of the novel by Agatha Christie «Villa" White horse "» will prove you otherwise. The above description of the action in the story dangerous poison thallium several times saved people's lives. In 1977, in a hospital in London came a girl who developed a mysterious illness. One nurse, read the book, I realized that this is a typical case of thallium poisoning. The girl was rescued. The name of the novel «Fahrenheit 451» was chosen because supposedly at this temperature ignites the paper. In fact, paper ignites spontaneously at temperatures just above 450 degrees Celsius. In recognition of Bradbury, the error was caused by the fact that when choosing names, he has consulted with experts from the fire service, which confused the temperature scale.

The famous formula "two plus two equals five," which George Orwell repeatedly made emphasis in the novel, dystopia «1984» , came to him when he heard the Soviet slogan "Five-Year Plan - in four years!". In 1965, «The Hobbit» Dzh.R.Tolkina first published in the United States in paperback. Cover Illustrator Barbara Remington did not read the text. As a result, the book appeared on the cover of a lion, two emus and strange trees with bulbous pink fruit. Leo Tolstoy was skeptical of his novel «War and Peace» In January 1871, he sent a letter to Athanasius Fet: "How happy I am ... what to write wordy rubbish like" War "I will never become." In the XIX century, the actress refused to play Sophia in «Woe from Wit» with the words: "I am a decent woman and pornographic scenes do not play!" This scene they saw the night conversation with Molchalin who was not the husband of the heroine . Coined the name of the island Duma Key, according to the author, to pronounce the "Duma Key". When translating the novel into Russian publisher was afraid of association with the State Duma and use distorted name ( «Dyuma Ki» ). His first book, «Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone» JK Rowling finished in 1995. Literary agent, who agreed to represent her, and sent the manuscript to 12 publishers, but everywhere it was rejected. Only a year later the manuscript was accepted by a small London publisher Bloomsbury, although its chief editor, even after the approval of the book was sure that Rowling does not work much on the children's books, and advised her to find a permanent job.

Victor Hugo in 1862, while on vacation, wanted to know about the reaction of readers to the newly published novel «Les Miserables» , and sent a telegram to his publisher of one character, "?". He sent back a telegram too, from one sign: "!". It was probably the shortest in the history of correspondence. The famous song from the novel by Stevenson «Treasure Island» is sung: "Fifteen men on the dead man's chest. Yo-ho-ho and a bottle of rum! "It is logical to assume that the" Yo-ho-ho "- a laughter of pirates, but it is not. This exclamation used by English sailors when they had together at the same time make an effort in any work - in the Russian language corresponds to the phrase "One, two, heave!" Watching birds in Jamaica, Ian Fleming met with a book ornithologist named James Bond . That name seemed to him very suitable for the hero of the novel of the future «Casino" Royal "» a short, unromantic and most common. This fact is captured in the film "Die Another Day," when James Bond penetrates the guise ornithologist to Cuba to present themselves with this book of James Bond. Mark Twain claimed that his book, "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer" was the first literary work, the manuscript of which was printed on a typewriter. However, the researchers argue that the first such book was his same «Life on the Mississippi» In the novel in verse «Eugene Onegin» you can find the line: "He is alone settled, // // Where a village forty years old resident housekeeper swore, // the window and watched the flies crushed." The word "fly" is used here not in the literal sense, but as a metaphor of alcohol. Known as another metaphor drunken man - "under the weather", where the word "fly" is used in the same sense.

The «Tales 1000 and 1 night» Aladdin was originally Chinese. In the fable Krylov «The Dragonfly and the Ant» has a line: "Grasshopper dragonfly summer red sang." However, it is known that a dragonfly makes no noise. The fact is that while the word "Dragonfly" serves as a generic name for several insect species. A hero of the fable is actually a grasshopper. In the short story by Edgar Allan Poe «The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym of Nantucket» is an episode in 1838, when the ship enters the storm, and four sailors rescued on a raft. Without food, they decide to eat a lot of them - and this victim was Richard Parker. In 1884, the boat sank real, and just survived four people on one boat. They are unlikely to have read the story, but eventually ate the cabin boy whose name was Richard Parker. The granddaughter of the writer Valentin Kataev told how her friends at school were asked to write an essay about what it Kataev put the image from the story of Vanya «The Tinder Box» A friend came to visit Kataev and asked about the writer himself took his words as a basis for their work. As a result, for the essay she had received a three-minus with a comment that Kataev was thinking about something else. Jane Austen began work on the novel «Pride and Prejudice» , when she was barely 21 years old. The publishers rejected the manuscript, and she lay under wraps for more than 15 years. Only after the success of the novel "Sense and Sensibility", released in 1811, Jane Austen was able to finally publish and their first child. The best-selling book in the UK of all time - «50 shades of gray» According to the materials: LiveLib, Museum of facts

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