Life quotes from the film "What Men Talk About"

film "Quartet" can safely be called one of the best comedies of the modern Russian cinema. A delicious mix of unobtrusive script soundly game actors, great humor found a response not only to the male audience, which it was intended, but the female, which is for the most part the subject of this humor.

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- Previously, it was clear: to make lessons - well, my grandmother moved across the street - a clever, broke the glass ball - bad. And now a woman made good, and the other from it - bad. And you all did everything for the third. And she is - still!
- Here it is you, a woman, to seek - it is beautiful. But you are living together, she goes to work in the morning and says, "You are my nebritysh" - or even like this: "You are my sleepy Cheburashka" ... No, no, "Cheburah-à-KAF". And like so cute, but so disgusting.
- And what is "sleepy and unshaven Cheburashka" - a stretch.
- Nah, Lesh is - "Natia-I-FSA».
- »Well, all the evening, Smack!" - Well, what the fuck, "Smack"? Do you want to kiss - a kiss!

- «A toast to our restaurant called croûton». It is exactly the same piece of toast, but toast can not cost $ 8 and croûton - can. And then you start to look at least some taste, distinguish this croutons of toasted bread. And find!
- A plate of such a huge ... It is probably to emphasize that deflope in the world is very small.
- general was not the same: like want em> to do and how to right em> to enter. And I want to make it as a right, but I want to make it as you want ... And? What to do?
- And here to take the question "Why?". When I say to her: "Come to me" - and she told me: "Why?" Now, explain to her that I must meet? After all, my house is not bowling, not cinema. If I say: "Let us love one-two, I will definitely be good to you - can be, and then you can stay, but it is better to leave," - she's not exactly go. Although well aware that we're going just for that. And I say: "Come to me - I have a wonderful collection of lute music of the XVI century." And the answer it fully satisfied.
- Separated. Do you make it last SMS: "I will not write to you, you have become a stranger to me, goodbye." She is not responding. Then the second last sms: "Could and answer us, among other things, something bound." Silent. Third: "I hasten to share the joy: I stopped thinking about you. At all. So do not call me. " It does not ring. Then a forbidden: "You know, in Moscow, there are beautiful women, except you." Still nothing. And so last another hundred SMS. Can not we just be normal and to answer! That's all. I stopped writing, otmuchilsya - and then from her a year later comes SMS: "Snowing. On the first day of winter! "Well, not a bitch?
- The crisis - is when you do not want and then you start to want to want something.
- It's okay. That's when you do not want to want to want something - that this is a crisis.
- It is not a crisis, this n *** ey!
- when I was 14, I thought 40 years - so far that it will never happen. Or will be, but not me. But now I'm almost 40, and I understand it - do not be! Because I'm still 14. So, the adults do not. There are grown old children. Bald, patients, gray, boys and girls.

- Now, if the Nazis came, that her iniquity is shot, and asked: "Changing your wife or has not changed?" I, in any case, the answer would be 'no', because if you did not change, you are telling the truth , let you go, but if you change, you do not have time even to wonder. But you said "yes changed" - and it was true. You let go, live, but how to live with? You know, she knows that you know, all fascists know they no longer will call - uncomfortable, and the guys were helpful ... And if everything rested on the fact that you "do not know", and she's gone, and you love her ... ah ...
- Or she asks a question. And I see that it is really very important. And begins to answer. And she was all - gone. It turns out it was just important to ask this question all ...
- Generally, in a married state it does not bother you that you have no other women, and that there is no possibility of other women. I may be, it would not have taken advantage of, but the possibility must be something ... Here, for example, would prohibit you eat with a fork. Moreover, in the statement "never." "Never again will there is a fork!" Yes, it would seem, and damn it, you can spoon, chopsticks, hands ... But you said - you can not, and I immediately wanted it with a fork. And, most importantly, here it is - a plug lies. Many forks. He opened the box - fully.
- This is because in the arts there are no objective criteria. Here in the sport all objectively. He ran the fastest hundred meters - all you fellow, winner, champion. And nobody is interested in your running style, even backwards. "Once he ran nonconceptual". Fuck you in the ass, you yourself so runs! "Uh, not that he wanted to tell her these nine and a half seconds?" What the hell are you so rundown! That's all.
- Do not become the future. Previously, as a child, it was ahead of something bright, unknown. Life ... And now I know exactly what will happen. Same thing today. I will be engaged in the same, go to the restaurants are the same as well, or in other such. On the car ride is about the same. Instead, the future has become the present. Just have now, which is now, and now that will be later. And most importantly, I like my present. Machines are good, delicious restaurants - only the future is a pity ...
- For example, if a man likes a woman, he should win it, but if a woman likes a man, she's ... she's owed him surrender. That is to lose. Plays winning. We play checkers. They play in the giveaway ... Curve female logic ... they always so.

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