10 movies for those who learn English

technique of studying a foreign language a great many, but there is one method that always works. And that, of course, movies.

Website has selected several films, view them in the original language will easily learn and tighten knowledge of English.

Forrest Gump / Forrest Gump

One of the most famous films in cinema history is perfect for all those who want to improve their English, watching movies. It is very simple and intuitive. Tom Hanks says there slowly, pronouncing the words, so the movie will be able to overpower even beginners.

Pulp Fiction / Pulp Fiction

Tarantino - this is not the name of the director, it is the whole universe. Rained down from the aphorisms have long become legendary film about gangsters charming - it's almost a matter of honor. If, once in the warm company of English, you do not burst out laughing at the phrase «I'm American, honey. Our names do not mean shit », then you at least have desired to die of embarrassment. But for lovers of strong language certainly must see.

Lake House / The Lake House

One of the best films for the development of written English, and the active development of romantic skills. Two heroes, two times and a mailbox. Ready to poluromanticheskoy correspondence with foreign passion? Enough platitudes! Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock will learn to write proper letters.

Beauty and the Beast / Beauty and the Beast

Good and all favorite movie from childhood - a great place to start. The heroes of the cartoon clear and understandable pronunciation, and they do not use difficult words, so the cartoon is perfect even for those whose level of English is below average.

Coffee and Cigarettes / Coffee and Cigarettes

This is where the really waiting cherished linguistic expanse. Continuous talk, debate, funny jokes. But it is far from primitive companionship. The film will appreciate, rather, those who prepare their brains for a full, almost intellectual gatherings are not deprived of their share of absurdities.

Jerry Maguire / Jerry Maguire

Do you dream of working in a large corporation? This film can be an excellent instruction in how their own language to make its way. Jerry Maguire learned not only to say the right things, but also to formulate the right thoughts. Countless arguments clearly and develop the ability to speak and think in English.

House MD / House, MD

View the series will help to replenish the treasury a lot of options effervescent humor jokes in the style of the famous misanthrope. In addition, the theme of the series has spread far beyond medicine, so that a set of useful sayings on the theme "I am suffering and my soul," you will get full.

The Iron Lady / The Iron Lady

Knowing the history is always helpful and know the history of the country whose language you study, doubly useful. That is why a movie about the life of Margaret Thatcher, by the inimitable Meryl Streep deserves attention. As an added bonus - the correct academic English, decorated with a British accent, which is much easier to understand than American English.

Bridget Jones's Diary / Bridget Jones's Diary

The history of 32-year-old Bridget, who decided to change his life - another great movie to learn English. Dialogues simple and pronunciation from Renee Zellweger just fine. Interesting fact: in order to make their "English" accent more natural, Renee did not cease to apply in everyday life outside of the set.

Shrek / Shrek

Cheerful cartoon is suitable for learning English for both adults and children. Diction actors clear, short and simple replica. A large number of jokes and songs will not let you get bored.

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