Here is a 2-minute silence

All the kids are doing, they do sincerely and from the heart. Even when the paint blue paint your white rug or smear on the ears in the mud. So they know the world. Breathless and without a moment's hesitation about the consequences.

Website warned: if you suddenly notice that your child has calmed down suspiciously, it is a signal. He does! And what could be the consequences:

- Dad, poohranyay Please laptop, I'm going for a screwdriver.

- Well, tell me quickly! See sweets there or not?

- You know, Mom, this is your meal I like much more than sand!

He helped my mother clean up.

- Mom, are you silent themselves in shock.

Did you see what krutota in our pillows?

Going on a trip, remember - children and the documents must be kept separately!

- Pa-and-up, say something?

- You did say that the flour can not be taken?

- Come on, Masha! Cat crawls - and you prolezesh!

Not enough blue in the interior.

- Mom, bring the sword, we lose!

The artist from birth - it is like that.

I asked my mother to help weed the flower beds ...

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