Silence works better than any argument

Take pauzuBuduschie account is to discuss in advance. A lot of time it will not take, and how to communicate on the phone will have, it is not even too scary. One very simple tactic of successful negotiation is to ensure not to speak at all.

When it comes to bargaining, silence does not hurt a bit.

Participant news social network Reddit nickname Missfruff tried to use this tactic and share their experiences.

She called the telephone company AT & T (American Telephone & Telegraph) to agree on a new contract and see what price it can offer. Here's how the conversation took place.

Missfruff: Hello. I hope to renew the contract. I used to pay $ 108 a month for U300, This includes the Internet 18 Mbit / c.
AT & T: Now, I can only offer you a discount up to 156 dollars a month, and it's the best I can do. Your previous discount was exclusive. Now I can not find the same.
Missfruff: This price is not too happy with me. (60 seconds of silence)
AT & T: Okay, $ 119 per month. The best offer you can not get anywhere else already.
Missfruff: Hmm. (2 minutes of silence.)
AT & T: Yes, I'm still here. Nothing else can not offer.
Missfruff: And this price includes a commission of $ 10 for HD?
AT & T: Yes. (2 minutes of silence, sweating.) That's what I tell you. We do not charge a fee for HD and give you three months of HBO for free. $ 109 per month.
Missfruff: SOLD!

It seems that at some point representative just wanted to make sure that the customer is still on the line. In comments on the site Missfruff says she delivered a dead end that representative with questions about the old prices. Whatever it was, the silence in the negotiations can be a very powerful tool. Besides, when you trade on the renewal of the contract, in any case, you have nothing to lose, so it's worth a try.



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