If we do not have the depth of silence, words do not convey

One anonymous devotee of the XI century, which has left relatively few writings, but interesting, says: If we have the right justice, according to Scripture, to call Christ the Word of God, we can say that God is the Bottomless Silence, of which It is born clean...

This is very important because the connection between the word and silence is of paramount importance. One of the Champions of the Church of the era of the desert fathers, Abba > Pamvo, was once called my brothers to say a word of welcome visiting teachers to their Bishop. He said: I will not tell him anything... Why? Because if he can't understand my silence, he will never understand my words...


We are deceived when you think that communicate with each other through the word. If we do not have the depth of silence, words do not convey, is an empty phrase. Understanding occurs at the level where two people meet in deep silence, beyond any verbal expression.

And Oh Christ, this monk said that It Is a Word that to the end expresses the content of that silence. Not a word that is born from an internal anxiety (how often do we speak not of depth, but from some surface ripples in our soul), and the word is born, when speaking of the human experience, the man or he'll go inside, in deep silence, or when, it happens, we are given silence.

When suddenly upon us, as grace descends, this silence, this inner peace and silence that if two people are covered by such silence, they can't even talk to each other because they are aware that every word will break this silence, it would shatter with a terrible crash, and nothing left.

But if you give more silent and further, it is possible to MoldATSA in such silence, when you know that now, in this deep silence, we can say, without breaking it, and giving it a verbal form. And you probably noticed as you say then quietly, calmly, how do you choose words like leave nothing to chance and better to leave something unsaid than retold; because every word must be true that contains silence.published

Metropolitan Anthony Of Sourozh

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