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Russia - a country of talented people. In each house, yard or porch of our vast country there are certainly people who make the lives of others even if a little, but fun. It does not end with art academies, but this does not prevent them to create, write ads masterpiece, paint the walls, fight for justice and win back porches.

Website is traditionally chosen the best of what has been coined the most ordinary people in February. Enjoy!

Aquarius, by the way, is in Sagittarius.

A sufficient dare you? Test yourself!

Well, that, but honestly.

And I stand by the violin.

Hope dies last, bro.

Bear, back and on the way to buy bread, Come and.

Touching it is possible, but the pluck?

About everyday concerns.

Logic does not spend on drink!

But what will you do!

Suction suckers.

In one bar Novosibirsk.

Lucky peasant neighbors.

Because the door is thin mental organization.

All hot khachapuri!

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