7 questions to help find a purpose in life

sometimes many of us feel lost, they feel that spending time on insignificant and can not set a goal to which I would like to aspire.

Website Tip: If you are confused and do not know where to go, try to answer these 7 simple questions. Perhaps in doing so, you will realize that you really need.

1. What are you addicted as a child? What really grabs you before? Maybe you wrote a story or sculptured figures? Children are always passionate about something. But then we often give up these activities due to lack of time, social pressure, preferring something more "serious" or even for some reason.

Think about what you like. You continue to do it now? If not, why not? Does the thought of it as much interest as before?

2. If you do not have to work, what would you do in your free time? If you do not have to go to work, but at home it would be impossible, what would you do? In the evening after work or on weekends, we usually just want to relax and unwind. But if we formed a large amount of time, we certainly would want to fill it with a more productive way. Think about and write down, what would you like to do, and next weekend, try to implement your plan.

3. What activity makes you forget about everything that's going on around? When you're working on something important to you, on something that you really like, you just lose track of time. Sometimes people even forget to eat until the finish. Remember when this happened to you the last time.

4. What do you like to know, and what you like to study? What magazines, books, news you like? Did you enjoy reading about fishing, cooking or business? If you're not sure what you really interested, do not worry - it may take time to discover what you get from a real pleasure.

5. What are you talking with my closest friends? When we are good friends, we discuss the issues that we really interesting and fun to talk about. Sometimes it is hidden in them, and our purpose in life.

In addition, friends often turn to us for advice. Please note what questions they ask you? It is in these areas, they see you as an expert. And you may have no idea!

6. How long have you looked at your list of things that need to have time to do in life? If such a list you do not, be sure to compose it. It will help you understand what you really want, and how close to their targets.

7. If you know exactly what will succeed, what would you do? Many people do not realize their dreams, fear of failure. Try to think about them in a positive way. Instead of telling yourself that nothing will not work, consider what means you could achieve the desired. Set a goal each week to do something that will be a little brings you to your dream. And remember: you will succeed!

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