20 citations Max Frei, presenting faith in miracles

Max Frye - pen name of two authors - Martynchik Svetlana and Igor Stepin. Fans claim that their books are tightened so that the characters from the amazing, incredible stories and the fantasy world it is impossible to break away after the first few pages. And this book is an excellent literary antidepressant and a fighter with daily.

Website gathered a few phrases from the book by Max Frei - a good magician, giving faith in miracles and hope that all wishes come true.

Himself must love and praise. Not charging is the responsible thing to strangers! I have a wonderful rule: if what is happening is no longer like it, you have to leave immediately. We're done, we have done all they could. It remains still to do everything we can, and then success is guaranteed. Long live a split personality - the shortest way to the emotional balance! If you fall off a cliff into the abyss, why not try to fly? What do you lose? Everyone always leave forever. Back impossible - instead of us always comes someone else. Wait and hope - a sure way to suddenly go mad, but the rush of the city and do silly things - this is exactly what we need! Sometimes a decisive step forward is the result of a good kick up the backside. Best journey - one that has no conclusion. Any woman - crazy bird. The problem is that the majority does not strive to learn to fly. They only have to nest. One important secret: you have to go where you want, but not where supposedly necessary. If the current landscape of being unbearable, we must immediately turn everything upside down, to bring down the sky to the ground and see what happens. If no nearby outlet, you must create it yourself from scrap materials. Every man is his own wheel of fortune and the devil-the-box, the one and only cause of their own ills. It just seems foolish that the world is full of evil, all the fault of the people. He, perhaps, is full, but this is not essential. By the way, have you noticed that the world is full of people who are quite sure that understands what happens to the others? When you know what to talk about with a man - a sign of mutual affection. When you have something together to keep silent - this is the beginning of true friendship. You still desperately unlucky, did you just get used to it. "Victory at all costs" - not my motto, my motto sounds differently: "Winning inexpensive." In the life of each, there are moments when to jump into the abyss, to finally make sure that he always knew how to fly. Let's go home, sir Max. We eat, sad and thinking. Picture on preview: pinterest

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