So look incomparable woman Shah of Iran

Before you unique images of the harem of the Shah Nasser al-Din Shah Qajar, who ruled Iran from 1848 to 1895.

One of the many passions Shah Qajar was a photograph. Photographing he liked as a child, and when he came to power, decided to set up in his palace the first official photo studio.

ad-Din Shah Qajar and photographer Sevryugin to Snapshot. em>

In the 1870s in Tehran opened his atelier Russian photographer Anton Sevryugin, who became a court photographer of Iranian ruler. Sevryugin created a chronicle of Iran and for his services he was awarded the honorary title.

Russian photographer could shoot himself shah, his male relatives, courtiers and servants. And for a Qajar, an ardent fan of the photo, left the right to withdraw his harem, which he had, according to the testimony of historians, about 100 concubines.

Completeness - the main criterion of beauty. em>

It is known that the photographs Nasser al-Din Shah himself printed in the palace laboratory and kept in satin albums in his Golestan Palace, which now houses a museum.

The incomparable Anis al-Doleh - beloved wife of the Shah (right). em>

The extraordinary photos of his concubines is that Shiite law at the time, it was not permissible to shoot the faces of people, and especially women's faces. Only the most powerful man in the country could not afford to break the law.

Anis al-Doleh or soulmate Powers. em>

Incomparable Anis al-Doleh (sitting).

Photographs of women challenged the generally accepted idea of ‚Äč‚Äčlife in the harem - the shah's wife looks quite modern for that time, and self-confident, they quietly look into the camera lens, not flirting and not shy.

Nasser al-Din Shah Qajar c some women of the harem. em>

It is even conceivable that the wives in the harem have friendly relations - some photos show the group on a picnic.

Harem on a picnic. em>

thinness harem did not suffer. em>

The photographs can be seen on the tastes of the Iranian monarch - all women in the body, fused with bushy eyebrows and mustache clearly visible. It is clearly seen that women do not suffer from hunger and are not burdened by physical work. Experts say, that there is even a collection of Golestan nude photos, but they are safely hidden.

The ladies of the harem in tutus. em>

Many photos harem concubine captured in short skirts like a lush tutus (shaliteh). And it is no coincidence.

It is known that in 1873, Nasser al-Din Shah, at the invitation of Alexander II visited St. Petersburg and attended the ballet. According to legend, he was fascinated by the Russian dancers that brought women to their shaliteh. However, on Muslim headscarves concubines could refuse just before the camera. However, it is possible that this is just a legend.

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