12 useful sites for the study of European languages


If you already own one foreign language to master another one will be easier. Site "theory and practice" chose useful English-language sites with public access to independent study French, German, Italian and Spanish - via podcasts, games, opera arias and detective stories.


  • Duolingo English, with the help of this service you can explore the different European languages ​​in game format. Targets are arranged so that the need to translate the mostly small offers from Italian into English and vice versa, and to write new words into the ear. During daily lessons and correct answers, you get bonuses that are "buy" extra "life" for the passage of new levels and "weekend". This system is well motivated - as well as the opportunity to compete with other users. The main thing - do not allow big breaks and do at least 5-10 minutes a day: there comes another game over.

    • My Daily Phrase Italian series of short podcasts (3 to 5 minutes) in English, developed by Radio Lingua Network especially for those who learn Italian from scratch. In every issue you will find just two or three useful travel phrases in Italy, for example, to order in a restaurant or buy the lost charging for mobile. In addition to availability and relaxed pace of the obvious advantage of this podcast is that it says a leading brand in English without an Italian accent. If you deal with every day, the whole course can be completed in 20 weeks.

      • LearnItalianPod.com American podcast, rather, for those who already know Italian at least at a basic level. Each edition lasts from 4 to 20 minutes and is dedicated to a specific topic. For example, in a series of Sing what you want try words of famous Italian songs - from Calaf's aria from "Turandot" to hit the legendary «Volare oo-o." Topics of other series are also quite interesting: in addition to the traditional geography can listen to topics of physics Alessandro Volta and neuroscientist Rita Levi Montalcini. However, the disadvantage of this podcast - strong emphasis leading (they speak English) and obsessive reference to the fact that, if you pay $ 14, 95, you can get a month's access to transcriptions and additional teaching materials.

        • One World Italiano portal contains tasks for training of different shapes and different levels of complexity. You can pass the tests grammar, writing dictations, to answer questions to the texts and read Italian news. And for those who prefer a more classic version, you can do on the lessons laid out with audioprimerami and enrichment activities.


          • Mission Berlin the nightmare scenario: You are in Berlin, and at your hotel the night the murder occurred. In the morning the investigator comes to you and asks in German a few questions that have to answer, but you do not know the language. In such a situation came cinematic character of the podcast, and it seems that anyone who is just starting to learn German, can easily identify with it. However, if you are allergic to detectives (who in Germany, by the way, are very fond of) - Play best One Minute German.

            • Mein Weg nach Deutschland the Goethe Institute developed a portal there are many different ways to train your Jolly German. In the game wedding invitation should be selected for the prompts in store gift for friends and section Fotoyaschik - find suitable captions for pictures. But the biggest success on the site enjoys all the sentimental series about Turkish woman Nevin, only beginning to develop in Germany. After each of the episodes (the first trip on the bus, job search, visit the doctor) need to answer a few questions.

              • Langsam gesprochene Nachrichten prepare for the audition teachers often advised to listen to foreign radio. However, those who are still not very good command of German, such exercise may not under force. For the purpose of training radio Deutsche Welle writes the evening news that leading read a little slower than usual. Listening to the daily updated podcast, you can maintain the level of the language in an active state, and in addition, learn about the peculiarities of political life in Germany.

                • Land der Wörter is considered to be quite a difficult language, so the process of studying it is necessary to at least occasionally diluted easy task. This site contains quizzes and crosswords - for example, various German inventors and life of the famous scientist Marie Curie. Here there are more simple verbal tasks, that can be used to train the common vocabulary and grammar.


                  • Languages ​​Online French (and Spanish) on this site can be from zero by comparison, both the bilingual book. Here you need to select the paired phrases in different languages ​​or correct names to objects in the pictures. If you think that learning a language in this way - without education - it is impossible, after all, try to do a couple of jobs to the site and make sure how intuitive method works for you.

                    • Easy French Poetry this podcast Camille Chevalier reads poems of French poets - from EVA to Maurice Arthur Rimbaud - twice: the first - slowly, and the second - in the natural rate of speech. When she talks about the history of these works and their interpretation. This is the rare case when for adaptability is not exactly hiding defective simplicity, so the podcast Chevalier made a lot of enthusiastic users.

                      • French Quizze of the Day those who prefer to train in using the language tests, a lot of them posted on the site french.about.com. Here, as in a restaurant, you can choose "control task of the day" or to compose himself menus of different level of difficulty of 10, 25 or 50 questions. Wrong answers server playfully commented interjection oh là là.

                        • RFI - Journal en français facile for students of French creators of this podcast each day spread ten-minute newscasts. Leading the adapted text read a little, but fast enough. Therefore, if there are difficulties - radio RFI on the page you can follow the transcription. There is a weekly French news slowly - Online News in Slow French, which also provides additional materials for training.


                          • Destinos show is as if specially created for those who as a child loved to watch Latin American soap operas. Each half-hour episode, viewers will learn new vocabulary and grammar, as well as something mysterious about the fate of fleeing to Mexico during the Civil War, Don Fernando. Weave linguistic subtleties with the storyline pretty naive way: to tell of numerals, the receptionist several times enumerates the number plates of the hotel, which stopped the heroine of the film. Each series also have to exercise a bit of exercise.

                            • Coffe Break Spanish this podcast collected editions of the 15-minute audiourokov to learn Spanish from scratch. Top Mark and Kara nice complement each other and do not go too far with words that never exactly come in handy in life. This duo generally excellent rating and a lot of rave reviews - just try not to get irritated because of an obsessive music in the intro. And for those who have already mastered the basic level of Spanish, have a podcast Show Time Spanish by the same authors.

                              • News in Slow Latin Spanish users complain that most learning resources used European Spanish, and not the Latin American version. Especially for the gathering to practice the language in the southern hemisphere produce customized news that take into account peculiarities of vocabulary and phonetics of the region. In addition to listening to the site can read the transcript of the latest podcasts highlight important turns of phrase.

                                • Digital Dialects , for those who are just starting to learn the language, picked up small games of different levels of complexity. In some jobs, you need to properly compare the Spanish and English phrases, or choose captions for pictures. Assignments have to perform more difficult at a time: if you hesitated in addressing example «dos + tres =?», You have to start from scratch. Perform these exercises can be based on knowledge and not on intuition - in the first picture of each game presents all the necessary words with translations and explanations of graphics.

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