20 tricks that will save your clothes and shoes

Life - an unpredictable thing: the wine spill on the shirt, the "escape" button, or narrow shoes will fall.

Part due to such trouble with your favorite things you do not want, so Website gathered for you 20 tips that will give a chance to your clothes and shoes.

Remove unsightly stains in the armpits, you can use lemon juice or baking soda.

To the favorite woolly sweater, put it in the fridge for 3-4 hours. 56,985,946

From the static electricity can be eliminated if the thing with a dry cloth from the inside.

Small bruises can be ironed using a hair iron.

Get rid of the traces of foundation on the bright clothing, you can use shaving foam.

Stretch narrow shoes can be as follows: Pour into the water bags, put them in shoes and clean overnight in the freezer.

To bring the stain from red wine, fill it with white wine and sprinkle baking soda on top. Leave for 2-3 hours and washed off.

To keep the shape of boots, put them in a folded magazine.

If smear the heels of a solid deodorant, the straps of new shoes will not rub.

To become softer leather jacket, wet it - take a walk in the rain.

hairspray can remove the traces of things with red lipstick.

If you have lost the clasp of the earring stud, use the eraser on a pencil.

To on new shoes did not arise corn, put it on thick socks and substitute for several minutes under running dryer. The procedure can be repeated several times.

unnerved tighten screw on the glasses can be with colorless nail polish.

Remove worn with suede eraser will help.

spool with a sweater can be removed using a razor.

If jammed zipper on clothes, you will chapstick or even a graphite pencil. Just smear lipstick or slide zipper pencil teeth.

Mix detergent and baking soda in a bowl. Take the used toothbrush and perform general cleaning white edging shoe.

Free jeans can easily tuck into boots that's the way.

To not brightened dark jeans in the wash, add half a cup of distilled vinegar in the washing machine.

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