20 unforgivable mistakes in the movie, you may not notice

Particularly attentive movie buffs to notice every little thing while watching a particular movie. Each cog, a hair, a stray lock of hair, a birthmark, a bruise, and reflected in the polished door handle - nothing is hidden from their prying eyes.

Website interesting kinolyapy publishes 20 who were seen amateur movies.


If you look closely, we can see the reflection of the camera on the window of the car. This is a fairly common mistake made by the directors. Here in "Twilight", for example!

Inglourious ublyudki

The German sergeant, who was beaten to death with a baseball bat, disappears from the form and reappears during shots badge.


When Jake opens the capsule, it is clear that next to it there is no wheelchair. After a moment, it appears there right out of the air, and our hero rolls it aside.

Terminator 2: Judgment den

Terminator John covers his body in the back and gets the full clip of pistol cartridges T-1000. All holes in the jacket. But after a few moments jacket tselehonkim and in plain sight.

The truck, driven by a T-1000, overturned on the bridge, and he flied out windshields. In the next frame can be seen again that the glass in place.


In one scene, Thor carries everyone in the neighborhood, including one of the cars, the bumper is in the next block miraculously restores itself.

Club of Dallas pokupateley

The film is set in 1985, but behind the main character hanging poster with Lamborghini Aventador. This car just started to produce in 2011.


It seems that "Titanic" had two. How else to explain that his deck is constantly changing?

Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the "Black Pearl"

The gang of Captain Jack Sparrow was very modern way, "estimate" pirates.

Terminator 3: Rise mashin

Jon and Kate depart from the hangar to the small white "chessno" with blue stripes. Number on board - N3035C. And here they are in the air. Strange, but ... it's another plane. Stripes look different: Room - N3973F. At the time of landing the number again becomes the same.

Maria Antuanetta

Charming kinolyapy can be found in Sofia Coppola's biopic about the life of the French queen Marie Antoinette. Sneakers, of course, the main trend of the time!

The series "The Magnificent Century"

The suite Shah Suleyman was a great car and a modern radio tower - probably to catch a mobile phone!


When the search group explores the alien ship, you will notice that the crew members are wearing special clothes with a hood, and it has the suit with a transparent helmet. But when the head of astronaut Kane, who attacked an alien creature, removed the suit, the hood under it anymore.

Suspicious litsa

The first time show the airport, there sits a plane whose engine 4. A second later, there are only 2.

Third lishniy

The protagonist of John in all the scenes holding the phone upside down. This is evident from the lock screen, but it seems, do not care, the main thing - there is a connection!

The series "Suspect"

During one scene he sounded phrase: "All the money was sent to accounts in foreign banks." LLC "Cleverly" and ZAO "Bad Robot", why not? Oh yes, there is the connection 9G.


In the movie "Gladiator" you can see how the ancient Romans carry the gas cylinder in his chariot. How could so goof?

Star voyny

One of the stormtroopers (far right) is too high and hits his head on the door. Take a closer look.

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