25 pictures that are impossible to look indifferently

They say that picture can tell more than a thousand words. Random photos are always the most important, and minor moments are always the most valuable. Photographers akin chroniclers and painters at the same time.

They imprint a huge number of events, objects, types. Some do it by accident, by the momentary desire. Other - in order to fix the moment for the future.

< Website I have collected the most touching pictures in which a lot more sense than it seems.

The child first saw his twin dedushki

Present day rozhdeniya

Awakening malysha

Kolyma grandmother knitted 300 pairs of warm socks for the victims of navodneniya

Mexican Arnulfo Castor won his first gold medal

May God bless all the children's health!

Respect for such lyudyam



Old shepherd and his pomoschnik

Found original

Volleyball on the border of the United States and Meksiki

Elephant in the womb materi

Love our little brothers!

Would risk?

Run, Forrest, run!

Teacher with yumorom

Probably all so bylo

Pregnant women can not refuse!

Devotee drug

The meeting place of two seas - the North and Baltiyskogo

This is not all ravno

One point to manage vsemi

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