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centuries-old wisdom of the Korean people - a spicy mixture of subtlety and originality of East Asia, spiced with sharp features of local color.

Website said that, despite the difference in mentality, we can learn from the Koreans.

No matter what people come, it is important that he brought to the soul. If the girl is cute, then you'll be happy for 3 years if it is a wonderful cook, then you will be together for 30 years, and if it is clever, then you will have 3 generations of happiness. yesterday - is the history of tomorrow - a mystery that can not be found today - a gift. All the men - children until they become fathers. When you see a man disadvantage, remember that you have several of them. Anyone who says that he does not have time to learn, not learn, even with time. You know the way - to overtake. After three years of training and the dog will start to read poetry. There are no news - good news already. Do not try to close all the sky with his hand. When the dying tiger - skin is when a person dies - is his name. Nothing that house burned down, but the bugs have died. You can not spit into a smiling face. Nothing to look at the tree, if you can not climb. Clothing is good new, and one - the old one. People with similar beliefs to the first meeting, become friends, people with different beliefs and after thousands of meetings of friends will not. You do not have to drink the whole sea, to see whether it is salty water. Rolling Stone moss is not cluttered. There is a tree that has not fallen to after a hundred strokes of the ax. Even a good tale annoying when you hear it many times. If even the sky will collapse, hole to climb out, there.

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