Scientists have figured out how many people live after death

Website learned about the amazing results of the study were clinically smerti.Okolo consciousness lives three minutes after all of the functions and organs do not work - the conclusion made by scientists from the University of Southampton.


They spent a long period of research during which the fixed state of 2060 people at the same moment as those heart stops. So experts have tried to find scientific justification for the fact that sometimes a person works after his death.

Sensors fixed state of a person regardless of whether clinicians have been able to return to the life of the patient or not. In total during the experiment "from the world" returned 40% of the people. And then they (not all, but about half) said that it felt at that moment, when all the indicators say about their death - consciousness at the moment of clinical death, continued to work!

People remember and understand how and when they revived and even assisted. Moreover, even those who are doctors could not help, for two to three minutes after death showed the mind works.

Leader experiment Dr. Sam guys sure this is a fascinating study opens the door to more extensive research on the topic of what happens when we die.

- At least today we have evidence that in the first few minutes after the death of the consciousness does not die. We know that the brain can not function, if the heart stops beating. But in this case, it is the realization of at least three minutes. Before our experiment, it was assumed that if a man is something "remembers" that is not really his memory and consciousness, just hallucinations. We have proved that it is not so.

The doctor also shared his memories of some patients whose doctors were able to bring back to life: "Some felt an unusual sense of calm. Many noted the change of time - it slows down or, on the contrary, accelerated. Some remembered seeing a bright light or sunshine. But some have reported feeling fear and even drowning, as if they are dragging through deep water. 13% felt detached from his body ... »



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