Here's how to change the beauty of hamsters in 100 years ... Try to watch this video and do not smile!

Twice in the same river shall not go - says the proverb. Indeed, around the world is rapidly changing, one time of the year comes after the other - and in such a frantic pace year after year passes our whole life.

Something hit me in philosophy. Get to the point ... You should remember a series of videos a la "100 Years of Beauty" in different countries. So today, the editors have decided to be original and unique find for you a video of how 100 years has changed the beauty - who would you have thought? - Yes, hamsters. Try to see this video and do not smile. Personally, I have broken the 16th second. That's hilarious!

Wow, what "global" change! As they say, in summer and winter ... a great transformation I have not noticed, but the watch was eating a carrot hamster - a pleasure! Do you also think so? Then share these funny videos with friends - lift them up!


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