15+ touching gesture that became refugees worldwide

People from all over the world are trying to help the Syrian refugees. The world is not without good people, are just some examples of the moving deeds.

Greek tourists rescued a drowning Syrian refugees who managed to hold the lifejacket on the water 13 hours 1,559,682

The boy shared his toys with the refugees in the Munich Central Station

Munich police, lent his cap Syrian boy

Anthony Deligiorgis saved the lives of 20 refugees drowning off the coast of the island of Rhodes, Greece

Syria father sells pens on the streets of Beirut with his sleeping daughter, raised $ 50,000

The Hungarians prepared food for the refugees. On the road to Vienna. B>

Thousands of Australians held candle-lit night service in support of Syria in an attempt to put pressure on the government so that it has adopted an increasing number of refugees.

More than 25,000 inhabitants of Vienna took to the streets to greet the refugees

Artists from around the world wrote the work in memory of drowned Syrian children Aylane and Galip Kurdi

Graffiti in Sorocaba, Brazil

Syrian Laith Majid, embracing his daughter and son to get from Turkey to the Greek island of Kos

And here is the picture Majid and his family three weeks later in Berlin

The Australian, who published an obituary in the Sydney Morning Herald

Kurdi Ayla, you do not deserve to drown in cold water and human indifference. You have not been migrant. You were not a refugee. You were a 3-year-old little boy who wanted to play carelessly away from violence and war. In the garden you will have to nurse those who led you, who kissed who risked everything in the hope that you will go to a safe shore. Rest in peace, Ayla Kurdi. Lord forgive us for what brought you

The convoy activists from Germany and Austria crossed the Hungarian border to pick up migrants and help them to reach Western Europe.

conductor from Germany, not having taken a fare from sleeping volunteer helping refugees

When they reached the Greek island of Kos, happy self made refugees


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