10 films about strong personalities that go to rent this fall

The site tells the story worthy of a movie-news on the strong spirit personalities who are willing to do anything to achieve his tseli.1. Dark secrets / Dark places

The main character - a grown-up girl, whose family was brutally murdered many years ago, and guilty of a crime recognized her brother. Years later, she met with a member of the club, whose members are investigating high-profile crimes, and she begins to dig a grim story of his family ...

2. Ricky and Flash / Ricki and the Flash

Winner of three "Oscars" Meryl Streep starred in the family dramedi about generational conflict, which even learned to play the guitar. The heroine of The Strip - Ricky - a rock star at the age, has no plans to change yourself simply because it has become older. Unfortunately, this also applies to its frivolous attitude towards the family. However, Ricky will have to help her daughter, which threw the groom, and to bridge the gap that appeared between them over the years.

3. Entry / The intern

Elderly man Ben (De Niro) is a social program to work in the fashion company, which was founded by young CEO Jules (Anne Hathaway). Having made friends, they will help each other to cope with life's difficulties. Although Myers looks at the world a simplified, sometimes wielding too much caricature, push the right buttons she can. Sure, the story about the friendship of two independent people in spite of the age difference is required to get at least touching.

4. The Martian / The martian

"Martian" - is primarily a book that instantly became a classic of modern science fiction. Part of the success of the novel lies in the fact that all the scientific details of it very realistic. Partly thing protagonist Marche Watney - a man with a terrific sense of humor, which he does not lose, even when Mars lost him. Watney has to survive with a minimum of funds for hostile planet after his team went back to Earth.

In Ridley Scott Watney plays Matt Damon, and that's how the movies will cost to internal reflections of the protagonist, in which the story is built, will depend on the success of the whole picture.

5. Rock the East / Rock the kasbah < br />
Organizes concerts hard: always something goes wrong. Richie Vance (Bill Murray) - tour manager at the beginning of a career that does not try too hard. The last remaining under his wing actress he was carrying a tour in Afghanistan. Singer (Zooey Deschanel) what is not pleased at the earliest opportunity and runs aimlessly, taking money and documents that they had for two. Deschanel then, it seems we will not see, because the adventures of the hero Murray only just beginning ...

6. Desert Queen / Queen of the desert < br />
Biopic of Gertrude Bell - one of the most prominent women in the history of Great Britain, in fact, define the boundaries of modern Iraq. Filming the story of a strong woman in the Middle East took Werner Herzog, and seemingly, this is good news - it is difficult to find a more obstinate in his vision of man than this cult director.

7. Chef Adam Jones / Burnt < br />
Hero Bradley Cooper - Adam Jones - the chef of world renown, with sixteen to work hard to get on top of the culinary world. With the heat of a hardball in the kitchen, he coped with the help of alcohol and drugs, which dragged him down. Left with tainted reputation and unrivaled understanding of how to do an expensive meal, the hero will try to open the best restaurant in the world.

8. Steve Jobs / Steve Jobs

Michael Fassbender transforms beyond recognition, simply dressed in jeans and a turtleneck. The script of the same name written biographical bestseller wizard dialogs at supersonic speeds Aaron Sorkin; It removes the "Steve Jobs" was nominated for a dozen "Oscars" Danny Boyle.

The best review of the film can be considered a response to Steve Wozniak, who already showed the first pictures of the installation. Wozniak, angered the previous picture was more than satisfied with current job.

9. Macbeth / Macbeth

Another autumn premiere with Fassbender in the lead role, but set in a very different reality. Hidden behind a thick beard, scars and war paint Scottish king Macbeth, the actor is perhaps even less recognizable. The film adaptation of Shakespeare's tragedy about the lust for power presented in Cannes with great success.

10. Ma Ma / Ma Ma

The heroine Magda Cruz learns that she has cancer, though, and so not everything in her life smoothly unemployed teacher, she has to bring up her son alone. The story of her struggle with the disease and for that, to stay themselves, will become the core of the picture. Cruz enthusiastically reacted to the new role, telling that Magda was one of the most, if not the most complex character in her career. For her, it was important to show not just a fighter, but first and foremost a mother - hence the name.

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