Industry fraud

So advertisers reveal our brain, and we continue to believe everything ... even such wild nonsense O__o

Read on!

Lord Millet is fucked! Last time I was more and more striking advertising. or they ran out of names of ingredients, or they ask ohueli.



"Easy creamy body lotion with silk proteins and cashmere extract softens the skin, leaving it smooth as silk.»

"Silk proteins are produced by natural processing of the thinnest thread produced from silkworm. These valuable natural substances are easily absorbed, moisturize and soften the skin. »

Okay! with a protein (= proteins) silk they may still have. Although silk is produced from special organic substance, from the saliva of a silkworm, ie theoretically proteins present there are but only the beginning, because air silk solidifies (crystallizes) and get out of it something very difficult.

But it is impossible to extract cashmere space pizdezh.

For information: Cashmere - down (undercoat) mountain goats.

Extract - (lat. Extractum) concentrated substance extracted from medicinal plants and raw materials of animal origin, with the help of n. solvent and then condensed by evaporation, which is a mobile, viscous liquid or dry mass. In medicine, the term "extract" means a dosage form prepared by extraction. Extractant may be water, alcohol, ether, respectively extracts were separated into aqueous, alcohol, ether.

Extract - 1.Izvlekat, delete. 2. Extract the mixture of a substance with a suitable solvent. 3. Get something l., Highlighting some of the l. substance mixture by exposure to solvent.


"Satin, soft skin, flowing like silk, hair - these are our ideas about true beauty. Cosmetic line "Silk Cocktail", which combines a set of tools for body care and hair, give you a feeling of silky smoothness and well maintained thanks to an original combination of active ingredients:

? silk extract to restore the damaged areas,

? silicones and their derivatives - for ease of combing and shine,

? vitamins for nutrition of hair and skin. »

Then abruptly. Now extract the silk!


«Pearl Extract. Series with pearl extract.

It is a complex derived from pearls, rich in mineral salts, trace elements and peptides from the depths of the ocean. He is well known and widely used in Chinese medicine. »

Epty! Of course! Yeah. Pearl erased in the powder and solution. I do not want to smudge that dissolves pearls.


"Balm conditioner" Chamomile and extract amber "* fill hair radiant sunshine!»

I have a house worth :) amber - fossilized resin. It can be melted, but something about the extraction, "this is usually done in a smoke-free sulfuric acid and then after a complete collapse of Humanity (amber for example) to dobovlyaet special substances to extinguish the acid and sealed it in a sealed vessel and still the substance is poisonous and dangerous . »



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