20 tips on how to store things in the house and space saving

Create comfort and put all the places you can, even in small homes. Some decisions are so interesting, that may well be a highlight in interere.My gathered for you a simple and affordable ideas to help restore order in all corners. 1. With hanger and shower curtain rings on can build a convenient tool for scarves.

2. Folding ironing board, built right into the closet, great save mesto.

3. In the narrow spaces of the kitchen you can install shelving for canned and spetsiy.

4. Instead of the traditional butylochnitsy make a sliding cabinet kitchen utvari.

5. Mat bag will carry out the cleaning of small toys in a jiffy.

6. stretched over a frame scaffold allow nice hang jewelry and decorate interer

7. Cute stand for magazines and useful for storing stuff.

8. A box from under the eggs can be painted, put in a drawer and used to melochey.

9. This drawer will create additional workspace kuhne.

10. Support for the pictures can turn into a comfortable narrow shelf.

11. The space under the bed is very nice for storing all things.

12. The most useful little things are always on hand if you put them in a vase for fruit.

13. Simple and functional shelf will save space in a small bathroom.

14. Shelves for spices can be useful not only in the kitchen: hang them in the bathroom, and get comfortable space for storage.

15. Box magazines are also useful in the kitchen, if you attach it to the inside of the cabinet.

16. Cover saucepan will not take up much space, if gently place them on the cabinet door.

17. Additional shelves in the refrigerator to help accommodate twice banok.

18. Twisted into an empty cardboard sleeve from under the toilet paper cables are easy to find.

19. A narrow dresser in handy in the bathroom or the toilet, and even, if desired, it is quite possible to make independently.

20. This original shelf sink will be used even in the tiny bathroom.


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