Such a shot would have envied all photographers of National Geographic. Look, now makes this whale.

Craig Perry loves to take pictures of nature, and he does it professionally for many years. His latest passion was the underwater world of the Pacific Ocean in the Kingdom of Tonga. More precisely, the guy decided to shoot at first sight threatening, but really cute whales. I can say that he did it for the glory, one of the sea giants greeted him, waving a fin!

Two consecutive days as a photographer trying to catch the right moment. And when was lucky to make a "picture dreams", his joy knew no bounds. « I can not even tell you how proud I am following image. I hope my work will inspire people to it to take the camera and discover the beauty of our planet i> », - shares his emotions Perry.

And we, in turn, are happy for Craig. His photo - another proof that nature is always open for us.

Photo: Instagram

I wave back at him! This photo decked my little gray day. If you liked the friendly whale picture, then show it to friends.



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