The last person in Fukushima: Naoto Matsumura, who was taking care of animals

Heroes among nasKogda in 2011 at the Fukushima nuclear power plant accident occurred after the devastating tsunami, the majority of local residents were evacuated in crowded temporary shelters. It was the same with Naoto Matsumura, but this brave man soon decided to return to his home town of Tomioka, to take care of the remaining animals there. Although the radiation level in the area dangerously high (17 times higher than normal), Matsumura said he will not leave his players.

Now he spends most of his time working in a charity fund with several like-minded people, taking care of the animals remaining in the evacuation zone. "I have two cats, a dog, ostrich, horse, cow, and 31 wild boar Four" - proudly said Matsumura.

He says that most of the animals were left masters because the locals had hoped to return home soon. Matsumura took every day to feed the animals. "They're going to vote and served as soon as they hear my truck - he says, - they say," we want to drink "or" we do not have food "».

At first it was only dogs and cats, but when the government announced the disposal of cattle, he decided to take care of them too. "I asked," What are you doing? "- And they said," We're going to kill all the cows. " I told them: "Stop, I'll take care of them" ».

"If they were going to use them for meat, it would not bother me - he says - that's life. But why should all just kill and bury? »

Matsumura was given the nickname Radiation Man after testing conducted by the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency. As a result, it was found out that he was the highest in Japan, the level of radiation exposure. And, continuing to be irradiated, he lives like a normal person.

"I'm used to radiation, - says the 53-year-old man - the other people who at the time of coming here, too, no longer worry about it ... I'm sure if you guys have been here several times, the radiation has ceased to excite and you ».

Although he seems nonchalant, but admits that at first he had misgivings: "At first I was scared, because I knew that if I stay here too long, then eventually get sick with cancer or leukemia. But the longer I'm here with the animals, the more I see that we are all still healthy and that everything will be all right ».

"If it was just an earthquake and tsunami, all could be rebuilt. But after the nuclear disaster no one wants to come back here, especially the young - bitterly says Naoto Matsumura - but I was born and raised in Tomioka and in the same city and I will die ».



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