15 pictures, which made 2015 a little kinder

There are photos, which lies behind the whole story, one look at that is not enough, and we return to them again and again. They force us to experience a variety of feelings: sadness, joy, tenderness, but definitely do not leave indifferent.

We are in the Website have compiled 15 photos, which show that kindness - love and faith in a better.

So different, but still together h3>

Tender friendship between a cat and a cow on a farm in Quebec, Canada

Water Battle h3>

Elephants pour water the villagers during the celebration of the Thai New Year, or Songkran, in the province of Ayutthaya, north of Bangkok, Thailand

Grateful smile h3>

Saved from the flood donkey was so pleased that he seems to smile with happiness

A fun game h3>

Danish police guessing game with a girl from a family of immigrants from Denmark

Kindness everywhere h3>

Waitress help elderly man, who had recently suffered a stroke, eat your lunch

The joy of life h3>

Paralyzed dogs were able to move around and enjoy life as before. Lima, Peru

The main thing - attention h3>

Zoo staff gives a birthday cake walrus herring

The mobile library h3>

42-year-old Ridwan Sururi selects new books for the special mobile library, while the boy is looking for something interesting to read. Indonesia

Love heart h3>

Naoto Matsumura - the only person who was not afraid to live in a restricted area around Fukushima. He left the city along with other residents, but returned to take care of abandoned animals at home

On the way home h3>

Two boys coming home after school. Nairobi, Kenya

selfless assistance h3>

During the flood not far from the district Nokhali in the People's Republic of Bangladesh, a boy named Bilal saw a drowning deer, straying from his family. Risking his life, he saved the animal

In the blue field h3>

Two girls running on the field of bluebells. Marlborough, South England

Be kind is easier than it seems h3>

When the mother of 5 children was urgently hospitalized, these young policemen of change all the dishes in the house and prepared lunch kids

Life goes on h3>

Elderly woman playing with a kitten in front of his house. Shanghai, China

Help rocket fly h3>

Young man jumps up in the air as a sign of joy at the festival rockets Bung Bang Fai to celebrate the long-awaited rainy season. Yasothon, Thailand

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