California company offers forever change your eye color to blue

Want blue eyes? Prepare 5000 dollarovEsli you've ever wanted to have a steely gaze of Daniel Craig and sultry Angelina Jolie, the new laser procedure can help you.

California company offers medical procedure that $ 5,000 can permanently change any eye color to blue.

The technology, which is currently undergoing clinical trials, uses so-called scavenger cells to break down and remove the pigment from the surface of the iris.

How does it work? During the procedure used low-energy laser to destroy the brown pigment of the iris.

The laser beam passes through the specific frequency transparent cornea then selectively absorbed by the dark pigment covering the iris.

This causes the body to "initiate a natural and gradual process of removing tissue. After the tissue is removed, the patient will be natural blue eye color, "- said the company's website.

"Under each brown eyes blue hides," - said Dr. Gregg Homer, chairman and chief scientific officer of Stroma Medical.

"The only difference between them is that the brown eye has a thin layer of pigment that covers the blue iris».

Stroma Medical Company claims that the process takes 30 seconds, and after two weeks, the eyes are blue.

Currently, 17 patients underwent the procedure in Mexico and 20 in Costa Rica.

Si Khan, an ophthalmologist at the London Eye Hospital, told CNN, that such a procedure can clog drainage channels of the eye. This in turn may lead to increased intraocular pressure. "If the intraocular pressure is high enough for a long time, patients develop glaucoma", - he said.

"We were concerned about this from the beginning, so it was a major issue that we have learned in our initial preclinical and clinical studies," - says the company on its website.

Dr. Mark Korolkevich, ophthalmologist and director of clinical services company Ultralase, a well-known specialist in laser vision correction, said that there are fundamental differences between the procedure Stroma Medical and corrective laser eye surgery: "The basic rule is that once you invade inside the eye with a laser, you can do more harm than good. We use a laser to the cornea, that is, the surface of the eye. This is a new method involves the use of laser in the eye ».

But there is still a question of morality, which gives people food for thought. Dr. Homer, who has Jewish roots, denies the benefit of blue eyes over brown: "Many times I have heard of eugenics, but I do not accept it. It is possible that there is something racist in giving people the opportunity to have blue eyes ».

Stroma Medical has yet to respond to the message of the risks procedures change the eye color.



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