What movies can tell us about the future of mankind

What happens after 40 letKogda Aaron Marcus watching sci-fi movies, he's looking for things that other viewers perceive as background for the main action: monitors, devices to which they are connected, the machine they are using, or who use them.

Marcus - illustrator, one of the first who started to use their work computer, having made a radical change in the use of technology. Representations of Hollywood 2050's and subsequent periods, he said in an interview with «The Week», can often be similar "to the anticipatory hidden advertising" technologies, which have not yet been invented. He and other scientists have carefully studied the dozens of American science fiction movies, from thrillers to intergalactic tales to analyze forecasts filmmakers. Here are three observations Marcus and other futurists about what life might be like in the year 2050 and later, gleaned from some movie.

User interfaces buduschegoDlya many viewers in 2002, the management interface gesture that in the movie "Minority Report" used by Tom Cruise, who played a police officer from the future, was a miracle of design of the user interface. But Marcus said that the best example of the gestural technology can be found in extraterrestrial civilizations in the 2009 film "The area number 9". Marcus said in one scene aliens interact with a number of monitors using the "nice gesture". Their teams are graceful and easy, and show perfect control system computers with the help of movements. "Here we see a perfectly organized system of gestures that works," he says. "The whole point is to move the fingers, and not the movement of the entire body. This image opportunities of sign language in the human-computer interaction ».

What are robots? The film "She" has no body Samantha (Scarlett Johansson) becomes a faithful companion of Theodore (Joaquin Phoenix), who lives in Los Angeles of the future. Marcus noticed that the behavior reflects Samantha western, mostly male, fantasy, and wondered what the future will look like robots, will be created if the representatives of other cultures, particularly those with rapidly developing technologies - China and India. According to Marcus, the industry is likely to increasingly begin to change the traditional Western-oriented relations and consumer goods, even robots: made to predominantly American or European market products will be created for the Chinese and Indian consumers or for sale in the West. Do not be so, that China, for example, simply providing their production for the assembly of a new iPhone. Instead, they will design from scratch and create new products. "The next generation of technologies to be developed in China and India, and not just produced out there," says Marcus. "Not only are they going to do things, but they are going to come up, to do them, and sell them».

Even in the future, technology will drive you umaV restart the franchise "Star Trek" in 2009 shows an ideal future-optimized technologies. Developer Christine York drew attention to the scene in which Ensign Chekhov had several times repeated his command a starship artificial intelligence, that he understood his Russian accent. "On the intergalactic ship with the team, assembled from all parts of the universe, it would be reasonable to expect that the voice command is able to disassemble the intonation, accent, or other variations of voice," she writes. But any user of iPhone, frustrated inability of Siri understand it, the problem would appreciate Chekhov. York claims that the "weak spots" - moments when the device is confused, disappointing or slow down the user - unavoidable, and not always this is due to the fact that the device itself is not running. Sometimes the user becomes a real source of the problem. As long as people use the technology, there is room for confusion and misapplication.

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