Male and female brains are different at the molecular level

The site has already written about the differences in the thinking of men and women, and that's the reason for these differences. It turns out that we are different from each other, even at the level of molecules! Look after this understanding ...

According to a study published yesterday in the journal "Neuroscience", a drug in the female brain increases the inhibitory function of anandamide, a neurotransmitter of the endocannabinoid group involved in various physiological processes of the brain, such as memory, motivation, appetite, pain. And at the male brain this medicine does not work at all! Thus, the discovery of these molecular gender differences will help improve the action of the therapeutic effect on the patient's raznopo * with the new factors.

Says the head of the research team that made the discovery, Dr. Catherine Woolley, "the importance of the study of * ovyh differences in the brain is not to find out who is the best reading a map, or why certain professions are selected mostly men, not women, but in the to biology and medicine works best for men and women ยป.



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